Snapshots of the Summer of 2000

Whale Watching, July 2000

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Portland Observatory Opening

July Trip to New Hampshire and Vermont

Whale Watching in Boston

Tall Ships in Portland



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Here are David and Nina Zschunke, Nina being my sister, and David the one with the big eyes!  It was his birthday wish to go whale watching, and I was fortunate enough to be invited!  (Insert whale comments here!)


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Boston Harbor, looking towards the city from Long Wharf.

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...and Nina aboard our Catamaran.

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Over the bow, one of several whales we saw on the trip.

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Our sister ship in the distance.


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More whales in the distance.

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Nina and David enjoying the trip!

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Returning to Boston


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Nina and David in front of our ship, the Aurora.

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Afterwards, we took a walk in the area and had a delicious dinner.  It was great spending the day in Boston with the Zschunkes!  Happy 35th birthday, David!



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