Snapshots of the Summer of 2000

My July Trip to New Hampshire and Vermont, July 2000


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Portland Observatory Opening

July Trip to New Hampshire and Vermont

Whale Watching in Boston

Tall Ships in Portland



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Over the July fourth weekend, I took a trip into New Hampshire and Vermont.  This is on top of Mount Washington, N. H. 


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The Tip Top House reopened several years ago.

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Inside the Tip Top House on Mount Washington, N. H.


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An old wooden snow shovel.


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Bunk beds

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Another view of the bunk beds.


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The geological survey marker for Mount Washington, which at 6288 feet, is the highest peak in New Hampshire (and New England.)


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The Observatory tower



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Sunshine from the Observatory Museum.

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The Cog Railway

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I took this and the previous picture to note that in this window is the Mount Washington Observatory summit cam!


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Television and FM antennas


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The Cog Railway

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From the valley, looking up to Mount Washington.


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Views along the Route 302 through Crawford Notch.


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Beautiful Wildflowers and butterflies

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The back side of Robert Frost's home in Franconia, N.H.

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Many glider rides are available in the area.

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An card explaining the chair in the next picture.

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Robert Frost's chair.


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A wishing well outside the house.

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A front view of the house.

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Another view from the back of the house, from a trail that leads into the woods.

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"The Road Not Taken" was one of many of Robert Frost's poems placed along the trail behind his house.


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This is the location of the poem from the previous picture.  I took the trail to the left.

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The front view from the house.


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Wildflowers along the road.


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From Stowe Vermont, looking from the back of my hotel room towards Mount Mansfield.


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These next five pictures show different views of the Trapp Family Lodge area.  


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The Austrian Tea Room

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The view driving up Mount Mansfield.


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Members of the Green Mountain Club, who help maintain the trails in the Green Mountains of Vermont.


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The Stowe ski area as seen from the trail to the peak of Mount Mansfield.

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More views along the trail.

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It was along a rocky trail such as this that I took an unfortunate fall walking downhill.  Fortunately, I did not hit my head hard against the rocks.  Then again, maybe it would have helped!!!


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The highest point in Vermont, Mount Mansfield, at 4393 feet.


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The entrance to The American Society of Dowsers, in Danville Vermont.

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The Dowsers Society has a labyrinth behind the building.


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Peacham Vermont, one of my favorite towns in New England.

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The Peacham Store was called the Spitfire Grill when the movie of the same name was filmed here.


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This church in Peacham can be seen in the movie, "Ethan Frome." 


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"A Return to Salem's Lot" was also filmed along these streets in Peacham.

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Next to the Peacham Store is a consignment shop for local crafters.

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A beautiful "Vermont" view shown to me by a person I met in town.


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Along the road, heading towards New Hampshire.


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