Snapshots of the Summer of 2000

OpSail 2000, Portland, Maine, July 2000


Other pictures:

Portland Observatory Opening

July Trip to New Hampshire and Vermont

Whale Watching in Boston

Tall Ships in Portland



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Ships from OpSail Maine 2000


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The Ukrainian ship, The Bat'kivshchyna

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From the port bow, looking astern.


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Captain of The Bat'kivshchyna,  Dimitri Birioukovitch. He invited me to have breakfast with the crew.

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The previous picture being a bit out of focus, here is another picture of Captain Dimitri Birioukovitch and me.

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This was the only ship participating that had entertainment!


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More views of The Bat'kivshchyna


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In the white hat to the right, the Captain's wife, Ninotchka.

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One last picture as I leave, after my wonderful breakfast!  I know why the have the red and white sign displayed!  In the lower left of the picture are two of the Op Sail volunteers who assisted with the ship in Portland.


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People milling around Commercial Street to see the ships (and the shops.)



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