Thanksgiving week, November 1999

My visit to Portland Head Light, Maine.

During the week of Thanksgiving, 1999, I took a trip to Portland, Maine to get an overview of the area and see if I might be interested in moving to Maine.  I had taken many vacations in Maine and almost bought a restaurant in Farmington back in 1984.  Still having a desire to move to New England, I used this trip to meet with some hiring agencies and research the area.  I had some good meetings and decided I would move to Maine in 2000!  

While visiting, I toured the Portland Head Light.  I have included several pictures from my visit.  

And now, the planning begins.................

Click on picture to get enlarged view:

a01.jpg (20923 bytes)

Approaching the lighthouse from the parking area.

a02.jpg (23324 bytes)

The lighthouse keeper's home.

a03.jpg (35552 bytes)

The rugged Maine coastline.

a04.jpg (33293 bytes)

Another view from the lighthouse.

a06.jpg (31988 bytes)

A plaque about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's visits to the lighthouse.


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