Tuesday, February 1, 2000


Hello every!  I am in Portland, Maine!  I arrived at 3:45pm, and all is well.  

Sorry for the gap in the reports...I was mostly involved with family gatherings.  I will be writing about the past few days on Wednesday, so please check back.. Just wanted to let you know that I am now in Portland!  

Thank you very much for checking in!  Until my next report...Igor




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v02a.jpg (34656 bytes)

My 16th state on this journey, on my way "home!"

v03a.jpg (29263 bytes)

Almost to New Hampshire, and beaches!

v05a.jpg (42094 bytes)

New Hampshire!

v07a.jpg (22042 bytes)

The bridge over the Piscataqua River, leading to Maine.

v12a.jpg (30140 bytes)

"Welcome to Maine

The Way Life Should Be"


v13a.jpg (42792 bytes)

First sign of Portland!

v14a.jpg (24266 bytes)

The next three photos are of my first sunset in Portland.

v15a.jpg (23053 bytes)

Very beautiful sky!

v16a.jpg (24820 bytes)

And now my trip is complete, and I begin my new "Journey!"

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