Sunday, January 30, 2000

At my sister's house in Brookfield, Ct.

I spent the day tuned to the radio, listening to the storm warnings posted along my path!  As I was listening, I was able to determine that I was ahead of the storm by about an hour or two!  Nice "planning" on my part!  Actually, this fell in line with the way the weather cooperated with me during the entire trip.  It was interesting, when I arrived at my sister's house, to look at the weather radar on the Weather Channel and realize just how close the storm was behind me!  

After arriving in Brookfield, Ct. spending some time at Nina and David's (sister and brother-in-law,) we went to my nephew's (Michael and his wife, Bonnie) house.  We were there to celebrate Bonnie's birthday!  She had interestingly planned her birthday celebration to be on the same day as the Super Bowl!  Everyone had a good time with good friends and good food.

Hotel: None   

Gas: $1.69

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Entering Pennsylvania on Route 80.

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Onward to New York

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Finally in Connecticut, with just a few more miles to see my sister.

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The path to the front door.  I must get used to snow!

More pictures of Connecticut and Route 7 north through Massachusetts and Vermont available at my Vacation June 99 page.

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One last look at ice and snow in my sister's yard.

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