Saturday, January 29, 2000

Still in Canton, Ohio.

Today I had a chance to see my old home town.  I spent 29 years in this town.  Many changes over the years, some good, some bad.  No pictures, but I did get to spend time with my brother Michael in Parma Ohio, and get the grand tour of Cleveland.  It had been many years since I visited the North coast!  Quite a difference from what I remember.

Later in the day, I visited Perry Ballinger, a Ham Radio friend of mine that I have known since the early seventies.  I was honored by the Massillon Amateur Radio Club with a lifetime membership in the club, and given a wooden hand carved desk display with my call sign.  Perry presented me with the very nice gift, and it was all a great surprise

Finally, in the evening, I was invited to visit with friends of mine that I worked with in the community theatres in the area. Thanks to Carla, Cathie, Pat, Jim, Jodi, Todd, and Michelle for a wonderful evening.  Just before we were preparing to leave,  it began to snow.  It was a beautiful snowfall, which reminded me of winter years ago, and was a fitting end to my visit in Canton.

Tomorrow, I have another plan for the day!  I am spending the next few days with my sister in Brookfield, Connecticut.  The forecasters are warning of a snowstorm, which I hope to be ahead of during my travels.

Hotel: Motel 6, North Canton, Ohio

Gas: None

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