Friday, January 28, 2000

A stopover in my home town, Canton, Ohio.

Today I started a little behind the norm, as I slept in for an extra hour.  I did not sleep as well as I would have liked, so I ignored the alarm!  The room was not one of the better places I have experienced on this trip, and since there was no phone in the room, I did not get to submit my daily commentary.  I finally did get on my way and continued east on Route 30.  It was very cold again this morning, but I am getting adjusted to it!

I spent the first couple of hours getting through the traffic and cities that support the Chicago region.  Finally, after crossing into Indiana, I started to get away from the majority of the traffic.  I was able to see several towns enroute, and after my arrival in Ohio, was able to follow the old Lincoln Highway, as signs were posted indicating the path.  I was glad the road was posted, as it provided for an interesting drive.  I followed the old way until I was east of Mansfield, Ohio.  The sun had set (another spectacular sunset) so I got on the new Route 30, then North on Route 77, until I reached North Canton, Ohio.  My back roads tour is complete, or should I say, temporarily over.  I plan on continuing back road journeys for a long time!

Routes traveled today: 30 - 77

Tomorrow I plan on spending some time with my brother and some friends.  As always, thank you for visiting.  Sunday, I continue my journey to New England with a visit to my sister and family in Connecticut.  See you later...Igor

Hotel: Motel 6, North Canton, Ohio

Gas: None

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Not far from New Lenox, I crossed into Indiana!

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As I said, this part of the journey involved more driving, as I actually had plans to visit family and friends, my first "scheduled" plans since my departure 23 days earlier.  This is my entrance into Ohio!

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Just in case the first one did not work!

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