Thursday, January 27, 2000

A night in New Lenox, Illinois.

It was the coldest morning so far, as The Weather Channel indicated a temperature of minus nine degrees!  The car cranked a little slower than usual, but started just fine.  Tonight, the temperature should stay in the single digits above zero.  I do not have much info about New Lenox.  It is south of Chicago, and I believe it is a bedroom community for commuters.  There were many cars at the nearby train station when I passed by.  

When I started this expedition, I figured that towards the end, I would be doing more driving than stopping off at parks and historical sites.  As I get closer to my new home, I find myself more anxious to get to my destination.  Today was a day for driving.  It was partly cloudy, so there were some nice views along the road.  I continued my avoidance of the freeway interstates by driving down Route 30.  There are some sections around cities that are built up as freeways, but those distances are very limited.  I am still able to experience two lane roads through small towns, enjoying the sights.  I stopped at a bridge in Tama Iowa, that  was built with the words "Lincoln Highway" as the side guards.  It was an interesting homage to the highway and its purpose when originally built. 

Routes traveled today:  Route 30

Tomorrow I plan to be in Canton, Ohio, my original home town.  I will probably be there for two nights, as I plan to meet with friends.  I will update the page tomorrow.  Thank you for stopping by...Igor

Hotel: Walona Motel, New Lenox Illinois

Gas: $1.52

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Sign describing the Lincoln Highway Bridge with the interesting side rails..

t14.jpg (60179 bytes)

Though the words are not as easy to see as in the next picture, this is a full view of the bridge.

t15.jpg (43893 bytes)

By looking carefully along the rail, it spells out "Lincoln Highway."

t16.jpg (28914 bytes)

Plaque indicating the year built (1915) and that it is listed in The National Register of Historic Places.

t17.jpg (61823 bytes)

The two main symbols used to indicate the highway.  The painted pole is the old marker, while the flag represents the new indicator.

t18.jpg (30273 bytes)

As I drove through the town of Tama, I noticed this painting of the bridge on the side of a building.

t19.jpg (35547 bytes)

In the background is the bridge into Illinois.

t20.jpg (20090 bytes)

Leaving Iowa...

t21.jpg (24607 bytes)

...Over the great Mississippi River...

t22.jpg (38618 bytes)

...And into Illinois!

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