Monday, January 24, 2000

Greetings from Dodge City, Kansas.

I made it to the next state, and to the Central Time zone.  It was another good day of driving and while there was a high layer of clouds, it turned out to be a nice day.  I was unable to see the sunrise this morning due to the clouds.  Still, I was able to get an early start and head east on Route 50.

My first detour was a drive through the town of La Junta, Colorado, to see historical buildings of this old railroad town.  This was also the route to Bent's Old Fort National Historical Site.  Reconstructed on the original foundation of Bent's Fort built in 1833, the historical site displays the facilities as they were with a ninety percent accuracy, with information retrieved through drawings, sketches, and documentation.  The fort was used as a trading post and stopping place for traders, trappers, and explorers.  Even John C. Fremont was here (again, I cross the path of John Fremont!)  There are many exhibits to be seen, with rooms and buildings set up as they were when the fort was in operation, and in the summer months, there are demonstrations by park personnel in period clothing.  I was the first visitor there this morning, and other than the park staff, I had the fort to myself for two hours!  It was a great place to explore.  As for the staff, I was fortunate to meet Jennifer and Anthony, who were very helpful and well-informed.  I was able to learn much about of the fort, the Santa Fe Trail, and other historical facts about the area.  Another thing I enjoyed was walking on the upper level of the fort and seeing a train far off in the distance and hearing the whistle blow.  It was a very serene setting.  On a final note, the United States flag that flies above the entrance to the fort has 27 stars, as it did when the fort was in operation!

I returned to Route 50 East and continued my drive, enjoying the small towns along the way.  The road follows the Arkansas River, and occasionally, there are historical markers indicating the path of the Santa Fe Trail.  I gathered more information and at certain points, you can actually see the ruts in the ground made by the travelers of long ago.  It was intriguing to think about how people made their voyage through this area by horse and wagon.

Finally, I stopped in Dodge City, Kansas, former home of Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson.  I did not drive around town yet, but from what I saw advertised on the drive in, there appears to be some touristy presentations!  Additionally, in my room (a Best Western,) there is a printed sign that reads:

Do Not Clean

Pheasants in this


$50.00  Charge will be made to anyone who does!


Guess I better get $50.00 bucks ready when I check out!!!!  ;-)

Roads traveled today: 50 - 109 - 194 - 109 - 50

Tomorrow I should be writing from Nebraska.  Thank you for reading about my trip...Igor

Hotel: Best Western Silver Spur Lodge, Dodge City, Kansas

Gas: $1.54

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p23.jpg (31026 bytes)

Entrance sign to Bent's Old Fort.

p24.jpg (28446 bytes)

The parking lot is about a quarter of a mile from the fort, which helps enhance the atmosphere.

p25.jpg (31446 bytes)

The "General Store" inside the fort.

q01.jpg (22940 bytes)

The 27 start flag flying over the entrance, as viewed from the courtyard.

q02.jpg (28201 bytes)

The Blacksmith Shop

q03.jpg (36118 bytes)

The courtyard as viewed from the uppoer level of the fort.


q04.jpg (26171 bytes)

Looking south from the fort towards the Arkansas River.

q05.jpg (34337 bytes)

View of the upper level.

q06.jpg (39805 bytes)

Great effort was made to recreate this fort to its original design.

q07.jpg (11987 bytes)

One of the bedrooms in the fort.  While entrance was permitted in most rooms, some where restricted.

q08.jpg (14843 bytes)

The bar, with the very long pool table.

q09.jpg (31826 bytes)

Looking towards the front of the fort.

q10.jpg (25450 bytes)

One of the fancier bedrooms.

q11.jpg (12121 bytes)

Inside another room, with an interesting desk.

q12.jpg (37715 bytes)

I liked this view of the window frame construction.

q13.jpg (17900 bytes)

A shot as I was departing.

q14.jpg (17621 bytes)

One more picture of the fort.

q15a.jpg (26044 bytes)

I made it to Kansas!

q16a.jpg (51913 bytes)

An interesting building near the border.

q17a.jpg (45716 bytes)

Another time zone behind me.

q18a.jpg (59040 bytes)

I stopped at this marker in a parking area, describing the visible ruts of the Santa Fe Trail.

q19a.jpg (37491 bytes)

From the parking area, I was able to walk around the area and see the ruts. Very interesting!

q20a.jpg (34670 bytes)

Though not easy to see in these pictures, the ruts are in the middle of the picture.

q21a.jpg (41006 bytes)

Another view, not easy to see in the pictures, but clearly visible at the site.

q22a.jpg (41224 bytes)

These ruts are more visible, seen going from the lower right towards the upper left.

q23a.jpg (27161 bytes)

A beef farm along the road.

q24a.jpg (59361 bytes)

The Daughters of the American Revolution placed seven of these markers along the trail in Kansas.

q25a.jpg (22179 bytes)

Another parking area and trail to view the Santa Fe Trail.

r01.jpg (32086 bytes)

Description of the trail.

r02.jpg (31009 bytes)

Ruts visible in this area.

r03.jpg (41275 bytes)

Registered National Historic Landmark plaque.

r04.jpg (30208 bytes)

To the left of the trail, where it bends to the right, ruts are clearly visible.

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