Wednesday, January 19, 2000

I am back on the road, and tonight, in Torrey,  Utah! 

Finally, I am able to continue my journey!  I am happy to get my car back, albeit slightly poorer!  At least I know the transmission is ready for many more miles.  According to the mechanic, the clutches in my transmission were burnt due to my torque converter failing and overheating.  The transmission was rebuilt and the torque converter has been replaced, and as of 2:00pm today, I was driving my car again!  

I stopped for gas before leaving Cedar City, debating which way to head east.  My options were to either travel the same roads as I did last week before the car stopped, or drive through northern Arizona.  Since I really wanted to get past the Escalante and see the rest of Route 12, I decided to go the same direction.  It was a beautiful day, with temperatures in the upper fifties.  The views today were beautiful and somewhat different than last week due to the sun angle, and the colors were even more incredible.  I made it to Escalante, and after passing my terminus point from last week, I stopped by the station that assisted me when I needed help.  I was able to see some of the same people and thank them for their assistance.

While the drive to this place was great, I did not know what was in store for me down the road.  There is an region from Escalante through Boulder to Torrey  that is part of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the Dixie National Forest.  It is an extremely large section of land with incredibly beautiful terrain.  It has a different look than the rest of the state, and the landscape goes on forever.  At one overlook, an exhibit describes the area as being so large that the state of Connecticut could fit in it!  The display shows the different mountains and ranges surrounding the region, and I could clearly see them!  If you get the chance to come to Utah, the drive along Route 12 should be planned.  As you can tell, I am very impressed with Utah!  I was also able to view the sun setting as I was driving through this expanse, and it was spectacular!  The colors of dusk on the summits that surrounded me where indescribable!  

The road has led me to Torrey, Utah.  I should be able to get an early start tomorrow, as I am anxious to see another sunrise.  I am planning on getting to Moab so that I can visit the Arches National Park either tomorrow or Friday.

Routes traveled today:  14 - 89 - 12

Thanks for visiting...Until tomorrow...Igor (and his repaired car!)

Hotel: Wonderland Inn, Torrey... Another hotel web site

Gas: $1.30

Click on picture to get enlarged view:

j07.jpg (38225 bytes)

This is my previous stopping point in Escalante.  I did not get any other pictures, as I was a bit anxious to get down the road!

j08.jpg (24471 bytes)

One of the highlights of this area is how clear the air is and the broadness of the view.

j09.jpg (30236 bytes)

As I drove on this road, Route 12, every turn brought a new amazing view.  A very interesting area! 

j10.jpg (26726 bytes)

As it was getting later in the day, the shadows create a beautiful scene.

j11.jpg (35675 bytes)

Another amazing view!

j12.jpg (22442 bytes)

I will be returning to this road again soon!

j13.jpg (14774 bytes)

Another incredible sunset!

j14.jpg (30997 bytes)

Moon rise to the east!

j15.jpg (29195 bytes)

Tablet describong Boulder, Utah, along route 12.

j16.jpg (23299 bytes)

The town of Boulder.

j17.jpg (12264 bytes)

The sky was even more beautiful in person!

j18.jpg (15888 bytes)

The moon, the view, the grass, and my car with a rebuilt transmission!

Taken from an overlook, the view was spectacular!

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