Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Possibly my last evening in Cedar City.

Sorry for not having much of a change in my status to report!  However, if there is a place to get stuck, this is a good one.  The rest has been very beneficial, this is a pleasant community and Utah is a very nice state.

I was told today that I could have my car by noon tomorrow!  We shall see...

This morning, after stopping by the shop, I drove north on Route 15, exiting in the town of Parowan.  To the west of town was a place called Parowan Gap, with many fine examples of petroglyphs.  After doing a little hiking and climbing (there was a neat cave,) I drove back into town and did a little shopping.  Otherwise, I relaxed and read a bit.

Routes traveled today: 15 - an unnamed dirt road - 130

Watch for my report tomorrow night (if I have access) to see what happens!  Thank you again for reading the page...Igor

Hotel: Econo Lodge

Gas: None

Click on picture to get enlarged view:

i33.jpg (49804 bytes)

Plaque stating that the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs site was placed on the "National Register of Historic Places in 1969."

i34.jpg (69412 bytes)

Petroglyphs in the center of the shot.

i35.jpg (63087 bytes)

Drawings on the left and right rock face.

i37.jpg (17965 bytes)

This rock was inside a small cave on the south face of the gap.

j01.jpg (65676 bytes)

A view of the right side of the Parowan Gap, as viewed from the east.

j03.jpg (73019 bytes)

Another view with another tourist to give size perspective

j02.jpg (71532 bytes)

A closer look at the rock in the previous picture.

j04.jpg (67227 bytes)

More drawings

j05.jpg (30547 bytes)

Plaque describing the site.

j06.jpg (63208 bytes)

One last shot of a drawing before heading west to Route 130.

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