Saturday, January 15, 2000

Waiting in Cedar City, Utah!

When I woke up this morning, I knew it was going to be an unusual day. It started at 5:15am, so that I could be ready for the mechanic with the tow truck, scheduled to arrive at 6:00am.  A bit delayed (7:15), we went to the car and got it up on the trailer.  The mechanic was not used to driving the tow truck with a trailer, so we stopped by the shop, where the he convinced the owner to drive the truck and trailer (and my car!)  His name was Curt, and we spent the next three hours discussing just about every topic you can imagine.  Curt has had a wide array of experiences in his life.  We had a very interesting conversation, and the time went by much faster than I anticipated.

We arrived at the transmission shop in Cedar City, Utah at 12:30 and unloaded the car.  We pushed the car on the rack and a quick inspection by Chris,  the mechanic on duty, did not initially reveal anything obviously wrong.  The rebuilding mechanic will be in on Monday and take a closer look and see what is ailing the transmission.  I am hoping for a torque converter replacement, but a rebuild may be necessary.

Chris has an arrangement with the local Hertz office in St. George (40 miles away) for very good rates on rental cars, so I talked with them and they dropped off a car.  They will also pick it up when my car is ready so I can just leave it at the shop.  Small town business arrangements are appreciated!  

After settling in to my temporary "home" I decided to take a drive around the area, and into St. George.  Afterwards, I just relaxed in my room planning for Sunday.

Oh, about my radio left behind the other night...When we got to the town of Tropic, we stopped at the hotel I stayed at two nights prior.  The lady at the front desk gave me the key to the room and it was still there.  It seems that during the slow season, many hotels have maid service only once a week, so no one had cleaned up the room yet.  

Routes traveled today: 12 - 89 - 14 - 130 (in the tow truck) / 56 - 18 - 15 (in the rental)

As always, thank you for viewing the page...Igor

Hotel: Econo Lodge, Cedar City, Utah

Gas: n/a

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