Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Tonight I am in Fallon, Nevada.

It was more of a driving day today, and I finally found snow!  There were also very strong gusts of wind.  But mostly, it was a cool, rainy day.  The television news broadcast tonight reported about the first snow storm of the season hitting the Sierras.  Many of the roads I traveled yesterday are closed or requiring chains.  Also, they showed a video of snow on Route 50 through South Tahoe.  It looked a lot different yesterday when I drove it!

I started the day by visiting the Nevada State Museum in Carson City.  They had some great displays including a walk through replica of a mine with descriptions of different areas and functions of a mine.  The building housing the museum used to contain the Carson City Mint, so there was an informative display with equipment and coins stamped at the mint.  There were also many other educational exhibits with a focus on Nevada.

Here is an update to my gambling situation.  As I was heading out of Carson City, I stopped at a grocery store to pick up some items for the trip.  There were twelve slot and video machines near the entrance, so as I was leaving, I dropped a few quarters and ended up winning back may losses from last night!  A first for me!  So we shall see what happens if I try another machine.  Thank you, Albertson's!!!

As I headed east on Route 50, I took a side trip to Virginia City.  An interesting town high on a mountainside, it is also a bit of a tourist trap.  The most interesting part of the city is the architecture with many remarkable buildings.  There were a few museums, but they looked tacky, so I passed them by.  Also, it began to snow pretty hard, and I felt it was time to drive back down the mountain.

Afterwards, I continued east on Route 50 through the wind and rain until I reached Fallon.  It was a little early to stop, but I wanted daylight for the next leg as there appears to be some things to see.  I should be able to get an early start, too.  

By the way, Fallon is the home of a U. S. Navy base, and the "Top Gun" fighter training base.

Routes traveled today: 50 - 341 - 50

Until next time...Thank you for viewing the page...Igor

Hotel: Best Western, Fallon, Nv

Gas: $1.49

Click on picture to get enlarged view:

Former US Mint in Carson City, now a museum.

Enroute to Virginia City

An interesting house in Virginia City.

A view from one of the upper streets.

Virginia City Church (my car in the foreground.)

The town of Dayton, Nevada, where part of "The Misfits" was filmed.

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