Monday, January 10, 2000

I made it to Nevada!

I finally finished my drive up Route 395, then headed east and stopped in Carson City, Nevada.  It was another great day!

I started from Bishop after breakfast and headed north on Route 395.  It was my fourth sunrise in a row, and it was as spectacular as the others.  The clear skies in the morning allow for a very bright sun!  One view I enjoy is looking towards  the west and watching the sun as it steals down the mountainsides of the Sierras.

There were many overlooks and scenic vista points to visit, and many sights to admire.  After driving by beautiful Crowley Lake, I stopped at Mammoth Lakes.  I had never been there before, so I drove around a bit.  Something I found interesting was that the main road to the Devil's Postpile Monument that passes through the ski area is closed in the winter, and the Mammoth Ski Resort uses a portion of the road as a beginner slope. It was not too busy this morning as many skiers are awaiting more snow.  

Further north, I drove along the June Lake Loop road.  It passes by several picturesque deep blue lakes and returns to 395 by Mono Lake.  

Route 395 continues winding north through the community of Lee Vining, and traverses along the west side of Mono Lake.  This is another beautiful lake that is a very noticeable landmark when you fly over it.

Resuming my drive northward, I passed by Bodie State Historical Park, which I had visited before.  An amazing factor is that the road to Bodie is usually closed this time of year, but since there has been a lack of snow, it was still open.  This is a state run park that is preserving the town of Bodie which became a ghost town in the late 1800s.  This is another great place to visit and learn.

During the rest of today's journey, I traveled on Route 89 and Route 50.  Route 89 took me through Monitor Pass, which should have been closed by now!  I am glad it was not, as I enjoy that road.  As I was driving, the weather forecasts over the radio were reporting high wind warnings with gusts up to 70 mph for the area.  I began to really feel the wind as I maneuvered the car on Route 89.  It got worse as I drove east on Route 50, where the gusts were blowing my car around a bit as I drove down the east side of Spooner Summit.  I stopped to get a picture from an overlook and had to catch the door quickly as the wind tried to whip it open.  

Before driving into Carson City, I stopped in Genoa, Nevada.  This was the first settlement in Nevada, with interesting old buildings and of course, antique shops.

Now I am in Carson City!  After dinner, I walked to one of the casinos to see how my luck would run.  In case you do not know, I am NOT very lucky when it comes to casinos!  I have been to quite a few around the U. S., Caribbean, and Central America.  I have never walked out with more money than I brought.  Tonight, I walked in with my limit in mind, and thirty minutes later, I was back on the street walking to my hotel!  Oh well, at least I am consistent!  

Tomorrow, I will probably still be in Nevada.  Not sure what time I will get started, as there are some places here in Carson City I may visit.  Also, snow is in the forecast.  I have been on the road for five days, and this is the first forecast of snow!  Not sure if it will be on Route 50, but will be aware of the possibility.

Routes traveled today:  Route 395 - 89 - 88 - 50 - 395 - 206 - 395 - 50

As always, thanks for visiting...Igor

Hotel: Best Western, Trailside Inn, Carson City

Gas: $1.90

Click on picture to get enlarged view:

The eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada range

Route 395 in the distance

Entrance to Mammoth Lakes...I loved the cloud formations!

June Lake with an incredible backdrop

Side road north of June Lake

The road towards Mono Lake

Unreadable marker (sorry)

Mono Diggins historical marker

Looking southeast to Mono Lake

Another view of Mono Lake

Poor Farm historical marker

Route 395

Church along Route 395 in Bridgeport

River along the road

Historical marker

Monitor Pass, Route 89


View west of Monitor Pass

Markleeville Ca, a nice town I visited in the spring.

After turning east on Route 50, through South Lake Tahoe, Ca.

A very small sign next to the speed limit sign indicates the Nevada state line.

Cave Rock Tunnel, Route 50 along the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe

View to the southeast after passing through the tunnel.  Extremely windy!

Route 50 is visible along the left center of the picture, looking southeast.

Mormon Station in Genoa, Nevada, the oldest settlement in the state.

The Mormon Station

Historical marker about Nevada's first newspaper, where Mark Twain first worked.

Antique shops in Genoa.

Highway sign for Genoa.

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