Friday, January 7, 2000

Hello from Lone Pine, California!

Thanks for checking into the site!  I finally had a few minutes to create and upload the page.  It will not be fancy, unless I get a local connection and time to be creative.  I do not want to spend too much time on the 1-800 backup number!

I am starting the story with today's info, but should be able to catch up with earlier info soon.  (This is the first page I issued from the road-INN)

01/07/2000 - This morning, before continuing my journey,  I stopped at the breakwater in Morro Bay by Otter Rock, a rock formation that is very dominant along the sea coast.  I was able to walk out towards the edge where it was amazing to see the power of the ocean as the waves crashed along the break.  After returning to my car, I was able to pick up a program from a radio station in Santa Cruz (KSCO) that  I listened to every morning during my drive into work.  I thought I would give them a call just to say thanks for the entertainment (you know me...Master Bullshitter!)  They asked if I would like to speak with them "On The Air", and I said yes.  Just a short conversation about my trip and expressing my thanks for their show.  I also mentioned I would listen to them via the web in Maine.  They joked that I should call in when I get there with weather reports (right up my alley!)  They said ski reports would be nice, too!  Anyway, it was an nice conversation.


My routes today were as follows:  Route 41 - Route 46 - Route 65 - Route 178 - Route 14 - Route 395


It was a beautiful drive through many different areas and a great example of the diversity of the California landscape.  I also have been stopping at the historical markers along the roadside.  Another very interesting part of the drive.


I am spending tonight in Lone Pine, a small community on Route 395 south of Bishop, Ca.  This is a beautiful road that follows along the eastern side of the Sierras.  You may not have heard of this town located next to the Alabama Hills, but it is the location of the access road to Mount Whitney.  You probably have seen this area without realizing it.  Many movies, primarily Westerns, have been filmed here!  See:

Internet Movie Data Base - Alabama Hills Lone Pine and IMDB - Lone Pine 

for the list of films and television shows!  Interestingly, even Star Trek Generations and The Final Frontier  used the area!

Tomorrow...I am heading to the lowest geographical surface point in the Western Hemisphere in Death Valley.  I may even make it to Nevada for my overnight!  After that, it is Route 50 East to Topeka, Kansas, then North on Route 77 to Lincoln Nebraska, then East on Route 30 to Canton, Ohio.  After that, we shall see...

Lodging - Best Western Frontier Motel

Fuel - $1.72



Click on picture to get enlarged view:

Morro Bay, Ca. looking West, at sunrise

Morro Bay, Ca. looking South, at sunrise

Morro Bay, Ca. looking West again

Route 46 East in Ca.

My first flat, straight road

Route 46 East in Ca.

with a dust storm in the distance obscuring the view

Along Route 155 North of Bakersfield, Ca.

Old structure and tree along Route 155 in California

Along Route 155 in California, across the road from the previous picture

Further East on Route 155



The Glennville Adobe

Route 155 East, my first sight of snow!

Walker's Pass on Route 178, East of Isabella Lake.  El. 5250'

Looking East on Route 178 from Walker's Pass

A historic marker along Route 395, north of Ridgecrest Ca.

Route 395 looking East at Owens Valley

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