Sunday, December 30, 2001  

Hello from YARMOUTH, MAINE!!!

Start time: 1030

Start odometer: 33145

Weather: Beautiful morning, 34 F.


After driving with my sister and brother-in-law into Maine, we made a few tourist stops before finally getting to Yarmouth. 


First, we stopped at the Lighthouse store in Wells, Maine, since my sister likes lighthouses.  After stopping in Kennebunkport so that they could check in to their Inn, we visited Freeport for a bit.


Finally, we arrived the my apartment.  David helped unpack the car, which took quite a few loads!  When most of the car was empty, we sat in the apartment for a few minutes before heading out to have dinner in Portland.  Street and Company served up delicious food for us.  We returned to our cars, and they went to their Inn in Kennebunkport, and I to my apartment.



After 171 days, I am back!  I am glad to be home again, but will miss the adventure of traveling on the road and meeting more wonderful people.  Words cannot express enough how I feel about my incredible opportunity, my journey.  From revisiting old friends, and making many new friends, I return with extraordinary memories, thanks to all of you that made a difference in my life.  I thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and allow me to feel welcome in your lives.  I hope I returned the favor.  Please keep in touch, and I look forward to seeing you again.  Many, many thanks!


I will try to write more as thoughts come to me, and will post on either this page, though I may create a new one.  Thank you, as always, for visiting these pages.  If you have any questions or comments, please send a note.  Also, if any of the pictures are of interest, I have higher resolutions available.



Until my next expedition, thank you, and goodnight all.





Pictures to be added soon!


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Routes traveled today: 25 - 84 - 90 - 290 - 495 - 95 - 295 - 95

Lodging: Home

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