Saturday, December 22, 2001  

Hello from Gastonia, North Carolina!

Start time: 1330

Start odometer: 32097

Weather: Beautiful sunny day, temperature 59


Had a great drive into the Carolinas after a nice lunch with my dad and his wife.  


Finally stopped in Gastonia, then went to see the Christmas lights in McAdenville.  First time I visited here was in 1979, and it was just as pretty.


The bad thing about being here was my timing.  Since I had to get back on the road soon, I did not have a chance to visit my friends in Charlotte.  I hope to get back soon, and will take some time to see my friends.


Will update the page soon.  Thanks for visiting!


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Routes traveled today: Georgia 10 - GA 29 - Ga 72 - South Carolina 72 - US 26 - SC 66 - SC 72 - US 321 - US 85

Lodging: Microtel Hotel - 122200.jpg (27834 bytes)

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