Saturday, December 15, 2001  

Hello from Dayton, Texas!

Start time: 0900

Start odometer: 30813

Weather: Cloudy and rain, temperature 53 degrees F.


A bit of a moist day today, as rain, sometimes hard, fell as I was driving.  Fortunately while I was visiting the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park, I experienced only a very light drizzle.  It was still an interesting and educational morning, and I got to meet more of the staff at the facility.  The lady I met in Alaska was not there, but I enjoyed talking with the other people, and learned about Texas hospitality.  Very nice and friendly people!


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I should be close to New Orleans tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting, and check back for pictures!


Routes traveled today: US 290 - Park Road 52 - US 290 - Farm Road 1960 - US 90

Lodging: Sand's Motel -

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