Friday, December 14, 2001  

Hello from Fredericksburg, Texas!

Start time: 0830

Start odometer: 30493

Weather: Sunny, temperature 37 degrees F.


Tonight I am in Lyndon B. Johnson country!  This is the area he was born, raised, and ranched.  There are national and state parks to visit, which is what I will do tomorrow.  In fact, there was a lady working at a roadhouse museum in Delta Junction, Alaska, at the end of the Alaska Highway.  She mentioned to me then that she planned on working at the LBJ park in Texas during the winter.  I hope to find her during my tour tomorrow.




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Routes traveled today: Park Roads - US 90 - US 37 - San Antonio streets - US 281 - US 290

Lodging: Country Inn Motel -

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