Monday, December 10, 2001  

Hello from El Paso, Texas!

Start time: 0745

Start odometer: 29275

Weather: Sunny, temperature 47 degrees F.


A great weather day with beautiful blue skies and interesting views.  Due to the strong winds, dust was getting kicked up and could be seen from many miles away.  I also saw a dust devil off the side of the road!  It was a day of seeing several small towns supporting the local agricultural industry, and watching the Border Patrol drive up and down the road.  An interesting day...




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An interesting street name that befits Tombstone!

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A tunnel in southern Arizona?  This is located just outside Bisbee, Az.

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Main Street, Bisbee.

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Another view in Bisbee.

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A pool of water in the base of the mine.

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Tiered mining and an old road leading downward.

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Information on Bisbee.

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The Grand Theatre in Douglas.

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The theatre box office.

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It is nice that a group is restoring this building.

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Entering New Mexico!

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Beautiful mountain scenery along the road.

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A view from the road.

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An art gallery in Rodeo, New Mexico.  At one time this building was a bordello!

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Information on the railroad through Rodeo.

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The town of Rodeo,

121017.jpg (32921 bytes)

Tumbleweed blowing across the highway.

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Another interesting mountain along the road.

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This historical marker is in the town of Animas, New Mexico.

121020.jpg (20151 bytes)

The road through Animas.

121021.jpg (48973 bytes)

Crossing the Continental Divide, for the final time.  I will have to figure out how many times I crossed it on this trip!

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The Hachita Food Mart, with signage from the previous owner and business.

121023.jpg (44993 bytes)

A church in Hachita.

121024.jpg (81854 bytes)

I found the color of this cactus remarkable!

121025.jpg (25595 bytes)

Hello, Texas!


Tomorrow I head towards Big Bend National Park.  I plan to stop in Marfa, where "Giant" was filmed!  I also hope to catch up on the reports for the past few days!  Thanks for visiting!


Routes traveled today: Arizona 80 - New Mexico 80 - NM 9 - County Road A-003 - Texas 178 - US 10

Lodging: Motel 6 - 121100.jpg (29395 bytes)

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