Thursday, December 6, 2001  

Hello from Parker, Arizona!

Start time: 0730

Start odometer: 28442

Weather: Sunny, temperature 47 degrees F.


I have finally arrived in Arizona!  Completing my California travels, I crossed the Colorado River, traversed a time zone, and arrived in Parker.  Did some driving and hiking today, and learned more about the desert.  Best part of the trip is meeting great people and visiting with friends unseen for a long time, followed by the opportunity to learn.



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Downtown Palm Springs.

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One of the filming sites for Oceans 11.

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Another view of the house front.

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One more view of a street in Palm Springs.  You can see one of the stars on the sidewalk.

120605.jpg (32758 bytes)

A closer look at the star.

120606.jpg (32314 bytes)

The road leading to the Joshua Tree National Park.

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Interesting formations are seen throughout the area.

120608.jpg (37399 bytes)

Park entrance.

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A trail behind the visitor center had plants of the desert labeled.

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I took three pictures, but many more of plants were on display.

120611.jpg (77629 bytes)

120612.jpg (66423 bytes)

In the Cholla Cactus Garden, an interpretive trail.  These spines can be very painful if you brush up against the plant, and many warning signs were posted,

120613.jpg (67128 bytes)

A desert rat nest, about three feet across.  At the bottom left of the nest is the entrance hallway to the nest.

120614.jpg (40136 bytes)

Some of the cactus were over six feet tall.

120615.jpg (45462 bytes)

A close up of the spines. 

120616.jpg (30807 bytes)

A bud on the cactus.

120617.jpg (49238 bytes)

The cactus with the wonderful view behind.

120618.jpg (72118 bytes)

This coyote was licking his chops!  The Ranger at the visitor center said people have been feeding some of these animals from the cars, and they have become brave.  Never feed the wild animals!

120619.jpg (35508 bytes)

A Joshua Tree in front of an interesting rock.

120620.jpg (24764 bytes)

Palm Springs in the distance from Key View.

120621.jpg (31304 bytes)

Cap Rock.

120622.jpg (23776 bytes)

Another trail provided remarkable views like this.

120623.jpg (49737 bytes)

Rock climbing is very popular at this park.  I spoke with the gentleman on the rock, and he mentioned a guide book indicates over 3800 named routes in the park!

120624.jpg (45502 bytes)

An interesting tree along the trail.

120625.jpg (80037 bytes)

Another view of the tree.

120626.jpg (30780 bytes)

Long stretches of valley can be seen from many points along the park drives.

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After leaving the park and heading east on Ca 62, this sign gave a good warning.

120628.jpg (50073 bytes)

A plaque along Route 62.

120629.jpg (47494 bytes)

This shoe tree was also along Route 62!

120630.jpg (51380 bytes)

A close up of the tree!


Tomorrow, I continue my drive east, heading towards Phoenix and Tucson, and various parks along the way.

I hope you are enjoying the story of my journey.  Please provide feedback if you have any comments or suggestions.  Thanks for visiting!


Routes traveled today: Ca 111 - Box Canyon Road - 66th Avenue - Pinto Basin Road - Loop Road - Monument Road - Ca 62 - Arizona 62

Lodging: Motel 6 -

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