Wednesday, December 5, 2001  

Hello from Palm Springs, California!

Start time: 1030

Start odometer: 28320

Weather: Sunny, temperature 54 degrees F.


Today was another day of visiting!   I drove to Pico Rivera, California, to drop in on a former Candle Corporation colleague, Dave Lunt.  Another great afternoon of conversation ensued, and I was also fortunate to meet his wife Bridgett.  Thanks for the enjoyable day, and lunch was great!


The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent driving through LA rush hour traffic.  It was not too bad tonight, and I arrived in Palm Springs within a reasonable amount of time.


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120501.jpg (49928 bytes)

Dave and Bridgett


Tomorrow, after looking around Palm Springs, I head east, with a possible stop in a park or two.  Thank you for visiting the page!


Routes traveled today: US 5 - US 605 - Local roads - US 605 - US 10 - CA 111

Lodging: Motel 6 - 120600.jpg (33651 bytes)

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