Tuesday, December 4, 2001  

Hello from Los Angeles, California!

Start time: 0815

Start odometer: 28092

Weather: Sunny all day, temperature 45 degrees F.


The sun was already up by the time I departed the hotel, and it was a beautiful day!  It was a full day, and very enjoyable.  I decided to stay in Los Angeles tonight in order to position myself for a visit to a friend Wednesday.  I booked this room through Hotwire, and got a great rate, even with the service charges.  Not good for the small towns I usually visit, but great for the metropolitan areas.



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The road to Border Field State Park is blocked by this dirt pile.

120402.jpg (33997 bytes)

A road used by the border patrol.

120403.jpg (34651 bytes)

The Aerospace Museum in Balboa Park.

120404.jpg (44692 bytes)

A recreation of the Spirit of St. Louis.

120405.jpg (26188 bytes)

One of several models displayed to show the progression of commercial aircraft manufacturing.

120406.jpg (34895 bytes)

Model of a Piedmont 767.

120407.jpg (33289 bytes)

Model of a North Central DC9-50

120408.jpg (42974 bytes)

A recreation of the Wright Flyer.

120409.jpg (41518 bytes)

An F4...

120410.jpg (29921 bytes)

...Chasing a Russian Mig!

120411.jpg (43122 bytes)

Bell helicopter on display.

120412.jpg (43620 bytes)

Ford Tri-motor

120413.jpg (27191 bytes)

After this aerobatic plane called "Shoestring" was retired, the owner donated it to the museum.

120414.jpg (41858 bytes)

A wider view of part of the exhibition hall.

120415.jpg (47786 bytes)

Ralph Wells, my guide to the basement.

120416.jpg (40425 bytes)

The Boeing P-26 being built from scratch using original plans.

120417.jpg (49286 bytes)

Another view of the P-26.

120418.jpg (20429 bytes)

Appropriately, the museum is located under an approach to San Diego Airport!

120419.jpg (25575 bytes)

My friend, Dave Pound.


Tomorrow I will visit another colleague, this time from Candle Corporation, my previous employer.  Then I will head south east to begin my long journey back to Maine, and the completion of my trip.  Thank you for visiting!


Routes traveled today: Ca 178 - US 395 - Ca 190 - Ca 136 - US 385 - US 15 - US 215 - US 5

Lodging: Quality Hotel Airport - 120500.jpg (31369 bytes)

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