Monday, December 3, 2001  

Hello from Temecula, California!

Start time: 0800

Start odometer: 27752

Weather: Mostly sunny all day, temperature 49 degrees F.


I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise this morning, after a very windy night.  A storm was passing through southern California, and though it did not rain, the wind was gusting very strong!  I was glad not to be in the road.  I spent some of the day driving areas I visited in February, but still saw many things new.  I made several stops at places along the road, so I did not get too far.  But I am in range of San Diego, my destination for tomorrow.



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Parked at the motel, this vehicle advertises a unique business!

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Beyond the power lines, the scene is magnificent!

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A cinder cone to the north of Fossil Falls.

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A large lava rock along the Fossil Falls trail.  It stood about twenty feet tall.

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Looking at the falls.

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Another view of the falls, with interesting erosion.

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Looking downstream.

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The trail was scattered with lava rock.

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At a rest area along Route 395, I saw this interesting sign!  Was a "G" in there?

120310.jpg (47532 bytes)

For my friend, Zen!  Never just one!

120311.jpg (21704 bytes)

Owens Lake with the Sierra Range behind.

120312.jpg (24105 bytes)

Looking to the left of center, you can see switchbacks of the road leading to Horseshoe Meadows.  I was able to drive up last year and witness some incredible views.

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Surrounded by clouds, snow covered Mount Whitney lies behind the Alabama Range.

120314.jpg (32610 bytes)

Main Street, Lone Pine, California.

120315.jpg (45423 bytes)

The Lone Pine Airport "terminal."

120316.jpg (24444 bytes)

The airport ramp.

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This picture is shot to the east.  The mountains behind Owens Lake reflect off the small amount of water remaining in the lake.

120319.jpg (11441 bytes)

Some very pretty colors were present along the dry lake bed.

120320.jpg (23884 bytes)

What do you see in these clouds?

120321.jpg (39061 bytes)

This vehicle had a matching bus, but it was not for sale.  Anyone with an extra $1400?

120322.jpg (22341 bytes)

I did not see very many hubcaps!

120324.jpg (59525 bytes)

The south face of the PPJ Museum.  The following pictures are from the museum.

120325.jpg (58475 bytes)

The electrical display!

120326.jpg (53318 bytes)

Guest room!


120328.jpg (46742 bytes)

An interesting "building!"

120329.jpg (42697 bytes)

A bench with a table!

120330.jpg (33759 bytes)

There is a toy plane perched above the bridge.

120331.jpg (40150 bytes)

The front of the "museum!"

120332.jpg (50054 bytes)

The yellow ball is a hanging lamp!

120333.jpg (29545 bytes)

Solar Electric Operating Systems, operated by KJC Operating Company.

120334.jpg (13237 bytes)

A view of the solar farm, one thousand square acres!

120335.jpg (35603 bytes)

Many Joshua trees, AKA Yucca brevifolia, bordered Route 395.

120336.jpg (39458 bytes)

I saw these appropriate signs at the aircraft storage base.

120337.jpg (14881 bytes)

Newly arrived United Boeing 727s.

120338.jpg (16113 bytes)

A row of L-1011s.

120339.jpg (23239 bytes)

The green 737 to the left is a new aircraft that had not received its final paint scheme.

120340.jpg (22530 bytes)

All types of aircraft were parked on the field.

120341.jpg (10560 bytes)

Delta L-1011s with an interesting 747 to the right.

120342.jpg (28241 bytes)


Tuesday I will drive into San Diego to meet a former colleague from IBM.  But before our lunch, I plan to visit the southwestern most point of the country!  There is also a aerospace museum, which I might visit.  Thank you for looking at the page!


Routes traveled today: Ca 178 - US 395 - Ca 190 - Ca 136 - US 385 - US 15 - US 215 - US 5

Lodging: Motel 6 - 120400.jpg (22350 bytes)

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