Sunday, December 2, 2001  

Hello from Ridgecrest, California!

Start time: 0700

Start odometer: 27522

Weather: Partly sunny with scattered clouds, temperature 50 degrees F.


A great day today, with many interesting discoveries!  Had a great night at the camp, though stars could not be seen due to the bright waning moon.  Overcast clouds greeted me this morning, but a break to the north spread as the morning progressed, and it turned out to be a spectacular day.  I even had some rain around 0500 this morning, in the driest place in this country!  It makes a nice sound on the tent!



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My first morning stop.

120202.jpg (22222 bytes)

Looking north into Death Valley, the views were grand!

120203.jpg (24793 bytes)

Looking more towards the west.

120204.jpg (25400 bytes)

This is the view from Dantes, looking south.

120205.jpg (41151 bytes)

This is the only active mine in the park.  They are getting borax from a vein several hundred feet below the surface.

120206.jpg (26131 bytes)

Another dirt road leading to wonderful views.

120207.jpg (39801 bytes)

Ranger Alan giving the salt flat interpretive tour.

120208.jpg (43208 bytes)

Many different shapes and colors, these provided by mud, are seen on the flat.

120209.jpg (25646 bytes)

This weather station was about a half mile away from the parking area.  It is being used to measure evaporation.

120210.jpg (36610 bytes)

This area had rain more recently than the area with the mud.

120211.jpg (45489 bytes)

A dragonfly in the salt.  Many animals that get stuck and die here are preserved after the salt absorbs the moisture.

120212.jpg (28848 bytes)

Looking north, a view of me from salt flat level.  It was windy, and I need a haircut!

120213.jpg (31489 bytes)

The size of the place is incredible, and walking out a distance give you a good impression of the massive size!

120214.jpg (29392 bytes)

Looking east, barely visible is the weather station.  Beyond, two people are walking back to the parking area, and our cars are way off in the distance!

120215.jpg (25875 bytes)

The clouds provided an interesting backdrop to the salt flats.

120216.jpg (25976 bytes)

Another interesting formation.  It was strange walking in the surface, as it looked like ice.  It took some time before my fear of slipping on it went away!

120218.jpg (27742 bytes)

Another dragonfly.  I never realized any wildlife would be out here.

120219.jpg (48508 bytes)

Back near the parking area, looking west to where I walked.

120220.jpg (37639 bytes)

The Devil's Golf Course, with much rougher formations.

120221.jpg (22942 bytes)

The Artist's Palette.

120222.jpg (31735 bytes)

Another view of the Artists Palette, where minerals created these beautiful colors!

120223.jpg (37973 bytes)

The Furnace Creek Visitor Center.

120224.jpg (23135 bytes)

Leaving Death Valley, looking east at the enormous valley.

120225.jpg (27051 bytes)

More gravel roads leading to interesting places on the west side of the park.

120226.jpg (36743 bytes)

Interesting rock formations while exiting west.

120227.jpg (17387 bytes)

More fascinating rock formations and cloud shadows.

120228.jpg (18634 bytes)

Heading south towards Ridgecrest, the road beckons me to return to the valley soon!


In the morning, I will head up Route 395 for a short distance to revisit some areas, then south towards San Diego.  I hope to get to the southwestern most point of the U.S. on Tuesday.  Thanks for stopping by!


Routes traveled today: Ca 190 - Death Valley National Park Roads - Ca 178

Lodging: Motel 6 - 120300.jpg (30926 bytes)

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