Saturday, December 1, 2001  

Hello from Furnace Creek, Death Valley, California!

Start time: 0645

Start odometer: 27262

Weather: Beautiful sunrise, some clouds moving in, temperature 34 degrees F.


Today was spent visiting some areas I have seen before, and new sights I have wanted to see since the first time I vacationed in this area.  It was a nice day, and in the end, I decided to camp in Death Valley.  The night sky was a bit cloudy, but the waning moon was very bright.



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The California Aqueduct, transporting water to Los Angeles.

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The road leading into the Alabama Hills.

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Beautiful and interesting rock formations are located throughout the hills.

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An old mine entrance...

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...Looking into the mine.

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To gain perspective, my car parked at the base of the hill with the mine.

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In the distance, the road leading to Horseshoe Meadows can be seen headed up the mountain.

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A plaque describing Gunga Din being filmed here.

120110.jpg (63121 bytes)

Me standing to the left of the plaque.

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The new sign for Manzanar.

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All that is left are two guard houses and the gymnasium/auditorium.

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This tree, with the sign below, at the intersection of Routes 168 and 395.

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Route 168 as it heads up towards the Bristlecone Pine Forest access road.

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The access road to the Bristlecone Pines, snow-covered and closed.

120117.jpg (42998 bytes)

Westgard Pass, as Route 168 travels through.

120118.jpg (42712 bytes)

Seeing my road in the valley.

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A golden eagle in flight.

120120.jpg (47210 bytes)

Another picture of the eagle.

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Snow covered mountains leading towards another valley.

120122.jpg (36546 bytes)

The story of the structure in the next picture.

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Walls can be seen against the hill.

120124.jpg (32886 bytes)

The entrance to Death Valley.

120126.jpg (34059 bytes)

Returning to California.

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Scotty's Castle, looking northwest.

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Walter Scott is buried on top of a hill behind and overlooking the castle.

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Scotty's gravesite.

120130.jpg (55239 bytes)

Looking at the castle facility from the grave hill.

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The clock tower.

120132.jpg (49107 bytes)

The castle. looking east from the tower.

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One more exterior view, looking west.

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Inside the castle, the main room has a beautiful chandelier.

120135.jpg (32485 bytes)

This was a water fountain used to help cool the room.

120136.jpg (19656 bytes)

An old chest constructed in the late 1400s!

120138.jpg (43400 bytes)

Ubehebe crater, a breathtaking sight!

120139.jpg (23671 bytes)

A view over the valley after sunset.


Tomorrow I finish my tour of the park, then head south.  A storm is in the forecast, so I need to get out of the mountains before the heavy snow!  Thank you for visiting!


Routes traveled today: US 395 - Alabama Hills - US 395 - Ca 168 - Ca 266 - Nevada 266 - US 95 - Nv 267 -North Road - Ca 178 - Ca 190

Lodging: Furnace Creek Campground 120200.jpg (44854 bytes)

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