Friday, November 30, 2001  

Hello from Lone Pine, California!

Start time: 0745

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Weather: Partly sunny, temperature 44 degrees F.


I am back on my favorite highway in California, Route 395!  Tonight I find myself in Lone Pine again, a town I have visited several times before.  West of Lone Pine are the Alabama Hills, an area of interesting rock formations and high prairie lands that have been used as locations for at least 269 movies and television productions!  See the list at the Internet Movie Data Base.



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Main Street, Sutter Creek, California.

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A shop in Sutter Creek.  Note the covered sidewalk, which continued along the street.

113003.jpg (53741 bytes)

Historical marker about a winery started in 1856.

113004.jpg (23666 bytes)

Sobon Estates, currently residing on the grounds of the D'Agostini Winery.

113005.jpg (36940 bytes)

The grounds of Sobon.

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Route 50, closed to tire chained vehicles only the previous night, was opened for all vehicles this morning.

113008.jpg (37471 bytes)

Another view of Route 50.

113009.jpg (65097 bytes)

The recent snow created beautiful images along the road.

113010.jpg (46890 bytes)

From an overlook to the south, Lake Tahoe is visible in the distance.

113011.jpg (40002 bytes)

Me, in the way of the beautiful view of Lake Tahoe!

113012.jpg (43174 bytes)

Below, a close up of the monument.

113013.jpg (52761 bytes)

Along Route 88, this plaque indicates how this area played an important part of the Pony Express.

113014.jpg (34117 bytes)

Signs help me decide which roads to take (or not to take!)

113015.jpg (38011 bytes)

Heading east towards Route 395, my favorite road in California.

113016.jpg (56233 bytes)

Once on Route 395, I headed south, returning to California

113017.jpg (62246 bytes)

Entering Mono County, a great place to visit.

113018.jpg (57540 bytes)

Another sign to direct me!

113020.jpg (52791 bytes)

Walker River.

113021.jpg (41141 bytes)

The Bridgeport Inn, Bridgeport, California.

113022.jpg (42906 bytes)

The Mono County Courthouse.

113023.jpg (67383 bytes)

A plaque located on the front of the courthouse.

113024.jpg (30688 bytes)

Beautiful snow covered mountains along Route 395.

113026.jpg (34854 bytes)

Just over Conway Summit, this spectacular view appears.  Words cannot describe, nor pictures can show, how beautiful Mono Lake looked with the mountains freshly covered with snow!

113027.jpg (28964 bytes)

Another look at the view, slightly north, with Boundary Peak (the highest point in Nevada at 13,140 feet) to the left, and White Mountain, at 14,246 feet, near the center.

113028.jpg (21673 bytes)

The view with a wide angle lens.  Mono lake is twice the size of San Francisco.

113029.jpg (32869 bytes)

My car overlooking Mono Lake.

113030.jpg (27495 bytes)

Down the hill and beside the lake, the tufas are visible to the right.

113031.jpg (26208 bytes)

A view of Mono Lake from the Visitor Center.

113032.jpg (37752 bytes)

Sage, at a different angle.

113033.jpg (41775 bytes)

The location of the Mono Lake web cam!

113034.jpg (35257 bytes)

Looking north from the visitor center.

113035.jpg (28436 bytes)

The Visitor Center.

113036.jpg (49349 bytes)

The Mono Lake Committee building in Lee Vining, California, just south of the lake.  I have circled the location of their web cam.

113037.jpg (36664 bytes)

Lee Vining, looking north along Route 395.

113040.jpg (40326 bytes)

I hiked a trail that takes one through a tufa field along the south shore of the lake.

113039.jpg (39620 bytes)

As the sun was getting low in the sky, I took these two pictures showing the reflection on the tufas (and background.)

113041.jpg (33575 bytes)

113042.jpg (43007 bytes)

A large collection of tufas.


Tomorrow I head into Death Valley, and if it remains dry (we are expecting rain) I will walk a few miles on the salt flats of Badwater, the lowest point in North America!  Thanks for stopping by!


Routes traveled today: Ca49 - Shenandoah Road 55 - County Road 16 - US 50 - Ca 89 - Ca 88 - Kimmerling Road - US 395

Lodging: Best Western Frontier Motel 120100.jpg (26261 bytes) - 120100a.jpg (34647 bytes) (The breakfast room of the motel, with autographed pictures and posters of the movies and actors that performed in Lone Pine.)

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