Thursday, November 29, 2001  

Hello from Martell, California!

Start time: 1330

Start odometer: 26759

Weather: Mostly sunny, temperature 59 degrees F.


I have returned to California!  After a great visit with family in Connecticut, I am back on the road.


After an early start (0445) to get to the Westchester Airport in White Plains, New York, I arrived only a few minutes late into SFO.  Enroute, during a connection in Pittsburgh, I met my brother who works there.  It was nice to spend some time with him.  In SFO, I took the shuttle to the remote long term parking lot ($10.00 a day) to pick up my car, then drove around the San Mateo area for a bit, and headed over the San Mateo Bridge to Ca 84.  It led me to the nice drive through Niles Canyon.  A few miles down the road in Livermore, I stopped at one of my favorite ice cream haunts, Fosters!  The old building originally housing Fosters had been torn down, as well as much of the run down buildings nearby. The area looks much different, and cleaner, than before.


I continued my drive towards the northeast, as I position myself for the drive tomorrow.  There had been a lot of rain in the bay area, which became heavy snow when the storm reached the Sierras.  I am not sure how I will get to Route 395 tomorrow, since most of the mountain passes are closed.  Another storm is expected this weekend, so I hope to be across the mountains and further south by tomorrow night.


I am preparing to do a lot more driving now, as it is time to head back to Portland, Maine.  I will not be stopping too often, so the reports will be shorter, and less pictures will be taken.  Hopefully I will be able to catch up on the previous reported I need to complete.  Thanks for visiting!




Routes traveled today: Connecticut 25 - US 84 - US 684 - (Flights HPN - PIT - SFO) - US 101 - California 92 - US 880 - Ca 84 - US 580 - US 205 - Ca 12 - Ca 88


Lodging: Amador Motel -

(I find many unique motel signs along the way!)

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