Tuesday, November 20, 2001  

Hello from San Francisco, California!

Start time: 0830

Start odometer: 26369

Weather: Cloudy with intermittent rain, temperature 54 degrees F.


San Francisco again?!?!?!?  I returned to the city to catch a flight tomorrow.  I will be in Connecticut visiting family for Thanksgiving, and plan to return early next week to continue the drive.  Not sure what kind of updates I will have, but I will try to catch up on some of the missing past days if I get the chance.  I will indicate updates on the lead page for this travel section  on the site.


It is very late, so please forgive my for not updating today's info.  I should be able to catch up later this week.  Thank you for stopping by!





Thank you for visiting!


Routes traveled today:  Ca 20 - US 5 - Ca 44 - US 5 - US 101

Lodging: Motel 6

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