Friday, November 16, 2001  

Hello from Santa Clara, California!

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Weather: Mostly sunny, temperature 58 degrees F.


I had another enjoyable day in the Bay area.  I started with a visit to my brother's gravesite, followed by lunch and visit with Anson.  Had another great conversation with him until he had to get back to work.  He also made some delicious sugar cane soup.  Very tasty, Anson!


I drove to the Sunnyvale and Santa Clara area, and stopped at Intel.  They have a museum with displays about chips and the history of Intel.  Great exhibits on the evolution of the processor!


After visiting the Intel Museum, I headed for Los Altos Hills, and Applewood Pizza.  They have the best pizza around!  Plus, I got to see Attila, my friend that runs the restaurant.


I finished the day with another movie.  I saw "Tape,"  a very good movie, shot in a cheap motel room in Lansing, Michigan.  No music soundtrack or special effects, just powerful acting.  I recommend this movie.

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My brother's site, this side and left of the tree, with the red and white flowers.

The view

111601.jpg (20951 bytes)

My friend, Anson.  Thanks for a great visit!

I am planning to hike up Mission Peak tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting the page!


Routes traveled today:  US 280 - CA 92 - US 280 - US 101 - US 280

Lodging: Wellesley Inn -

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