Thursday, November 15, 2001  

Hello from Santa Clara, California!

Start time: 0730

Start odometer: 25540

Weather: Fog with some sun.  Temperature 55 degrees F.


Had a great visit with friends I worked with at IBM.  Anson got a group together for lunch, then I spent the remainder of the afternoon talking with them at work!  It was wonderful to see them again, and I really enjoyed my visit!


About eight (!) hours later, I bid farewell to my former boss Gene, then headed for the hotel to check in and have dinner.  Afterwards, I went to go see a movie at one of the local theatres that show independent films and other movies that do not get mainstream attention.  I usually enjoy these more than the standard Hollywood movies, and this area has several theatres that show this type of picture.  These theatres are like The Movies in Portland, Maine.  This evening I saw "Focus," a very good movie.  What I found most interesting was the extraordinary cinematography!


Thanks to Anson for taking and sending these pictures.


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111501.jpg (29491 bytes)

At lunch with friends from IBM, San Jose.

Starting front and center, going clockwise:

Kevin, Gene, Gerry, Andy, Tim, Sean, Anson, and me.

111502.jpg (55474 bytes)

These shots taken outside of the restaurant.

Left to right: Anson, me, Gerry, Gene, and Kevin.

111503.jpg (41306 bytes)

Sean, who took the previous picture, jumps in this one.

Tomorrow I will tour more of the area, and plan to have lunch with Anson.  Thanks for visiting the page!


Routes traveled today:  US 101 - US 880 - US 101 - US 280

Lodging: Wellesley Inn -

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