Tuesday, November 13, 2001  

Hello from Eureka, California!

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Weather: More rain and wind today.  Temperature 54 degrees F.


It was a moist day today, but I was still able to occasionally get out and walk around.  I met more nice people today, and did some "touristy" things along with walks from overlooks in the park.  I did not finish my tour of the Redwood National Park, so I drove to Eureka for the night, with plans to return to the park in the morning and drive to the Tall Trees section.


I started the day with a drive to Battery Point in Crescent City to see the strong surf, then headed south on Route 101.  I stopped at all available overlooks on 101, and took some side roads to other viewpoints to see the coast and trees.  At the first overlook I was able to assist someone with a dead battery.  The gentleman was stuck at this viewpoint overnight, but we were able to get him back on the road.  


When I reached Klamath, I stopped at the Trees of Mystery tourist attraction.  They have an interesting collection of redwoods, and also a gondola to take you to a viewpoint that allows views of the ocean.  This is where I met Lynn, who with her husband, is visiting California from a town ninety miles east of Red Deer, Alberta!  (For Cheryl and Guy;  when she mentioned the town, I told her about meeting you two!)  They are also heading south, so there is chance I will meet them again.  I also met Richard, who was working the upper gondola station.  I had a very interesting conversation with him about a multitude of topics.  Again (I know I have said this before,) meeting and talking with people really makes this trip exceptional!


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111302.jpg (26346 bytes)

From the Crescent Beach Overlook, to the north.

111303.jpg (42349 bytes)

Obstacles along my path!

111304.jpg (69966 bytes)

Park entrance sign.

111305a.jpg (46871 bytes)

The main building and statues at the Trees of Mystery.  

111305.jpg (56558 bytes)

Close up of Paul and Babe.

111306.jpg (51910 bytes)

Some info on Paul...

111307.jpg (56771 bytes)

...And Babe.

111308.jpg (91501 bytes)

The entrance to the Trees takes the visitor through the trunk of a redwood!

111309.jpg (60872 bytes)

The Elephant Tree.

111310.jpg (44553 bytes)

Richard, working the top station for the gondola.

111311.jpg (38370 bytes)

From the inside of the Gondola, with rain on the window.

111312.jpg (63023 bytes)

Lower gondola position.

I drove south a little further, then reached my next tourist stop, the Tour Thru Tree site.  Yes, I drove the car through a Redwood!

Continuing my drive south, I turned off of US 101 and took Coastal Drive to the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway.  This is the parkway suggested by Krystal at the Oregon Caves, and it was worth the drive.  This led me back to US 101, and a few miles south, I stopped at the Redwood Information Center just outside of the town of Orick.  I met the State Park and National Park rangers, and spent time talking with them, again glad to meet more kind people on the road!

111313.jpg (18438 bytes)

The view from the Klamath Overlook, where the Klamath River meets to Pacific.

111314.jpg (58541 bytes)

It was there, so I had to do it!

111315.jpg (34957 bytes)

Another view of my tree passage.  Inside, a portion was cut to allow for a guestbook to be signed!

111316.jpg (20488 bytes)

Highway 101 bridge over the Klamath River.  A total of four gold bear statues were present.

111317.jpg (47752 bytes)

Along the Coastal Drive, this former bridge across the Klamath also had bear statues.

111318.jpg (58473 bytes)

Further along the Coastal Drive, this panel described buildings of a WWII radar station that were visible.

111319.jpg (61357 bytes)

Looking at the remnants of the station.


111320.jpg (60113 bytes)

The dormers and windows were fake, used to fool the enemy.

111321.jpg (55874 bytes)

Continuing along the drive, I noticed these trees leaning a bit over the road.

111322.jpg (24628 bytes)

One last look at the beautiful coast today.

After my visit, I headed south to get lodging.  A few miles south a warning sign was lit indicating an elk crossing.  Soon after passing the sign, a truck traveling in the opposite direction flashed the blinkers and headlights.  I slowed down around the next curve, soon seeing why he was sending a warning.  A large group of elk were near the road, and one was had just been hit.  Not a pretty sight.  Beyond that area, I saw no other animals.

Tomorrow I head back to finish visiting the park, then head south again.  Looks like my visit to Mendocino might not happen as my friends may be out of town.  If so, I will head to the Bay area.  Thank you for visiting!


Routes traveled today:  US 101 - Various Redwood Park Roads - US 101

Lodging: Motel 6 - 111401.jpg (26728 bytes)

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