Monday, November 12, 2001  

Starting My Fifth Month!

Hello from Crescent City, California!

Start time: 0730

Start odometer: 24924

Weather:   Some heavy rain overnight, lingering through the remainder of the morning.  Temperature 56 degrees F.


I was greeted by a very wet morning.  The people here are very happy about this as it has been very dry and they can use the rain.  Winds were also present which made the coast more dramatic.  After touring the coast and the redwoods, I decided to take the two hour trip to Cape Blanco in Oregon, which is the second most-western point of the continental United States.  Had to keep up with my "most" motif!  After the visit, my drive south brought me back to Crescent City as night was approaching, so I stopped here again.


(Added 01/02/03 - Thanks to a knowledgeable visitor to this page, I have a correction as to the location of the western-most point of the continental United States.  The actual point is Cape Alava, Washington.  Cape Blanco is approximately .168 degrees Lon., or 7.64 miles east of Cape Alava.  My thanks to Kal from San Diego for this information.)


I started this morning watching television to catch up on news, then drove to the Redwoods National Park Visitor Center.  After retrieving information and touring ideas, I headed first to the coast to west of Crescent City.  Some incredible sprays of water were in the air as waves crashed against the breaker.  It was raining on and off, and somewhat added to the ambiance.

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111202.jpg (23962 bytes)

The break wall for the Crescent City harbor. 

111203.jpg (28477 bytes)

Battery Point lighthouse.

111204.jpg (18019 bytes)

Six miles out (and barely visible) is the Point St. George Lighthouse.

111205.jpg (36017 bytes)

I called my sister in Connecticut so she was able to hear the waves crashing.

111206.jpg (17177 bytes)

CEC - Crescent City Airport

I returned to Route 101, then after passing through the Crescent City, headed east towards a gravel road that would lead me to the Stout Memorial Grove.  This is the location of the first-ever protected grove of redwoods.  A short loop trail was available, and walking amongst these giant trees was exhilarating!  And the road through this area provided a great view of the redwoods.  Another must-do road for visitors.

111207.jpg (53890 bytes)

The single lane road through the redwoods.

111208.jpg (37906 bytes)

Bridge along the road to Stout Memorial Grove.

111209.jpg (55109 bytes)

Parked at a trailhead.

111210.jpg (62744 bytes)

Sign for the first protected redwoods.

111211.jpg (51800 bytes)

Massive trunks were strewn around the forest floor.

111212.jpg (66726 bytes)

The base of a fallen redwood.

Before my departure from the motel this morning, I asked the owner about the most western point of the U. S. and was told Cape Blanco in Oregon had a lighthouse positioned there.  Since it was only two hours away, I took the drive after exiting the road through the redwoods.  I traveled north on Route 101 along the coast of Oregon and had some great views!  This is a very picturesque drive!

I arrived at the road to the lighthouse just after 1400, and a short distance from building itself the road was gated and closed.  I stopped at a parking area by the gate, and walk along the road to the lighthouse.  While it was peaceful since no one was around, it was very noisy due to the wind!  Gusts appeared to be greater than fifty mph, and I was pushed around a bit.  Also, electric lines located along the top of the hill made loud noises due to the strong wind.

After walking the field surrounding the lighthouse and going as far west as possible.  I returned to the parking area, then took a trail to the beach on the north side of the cape.  This was followed by a drive to the campground nearby, and to the beach on the south side.

111213.jpg (46969 bytes)

Back to Oregon for a few hours.

111214.jpg (23293 bytes)

The gated road to the Cape Blanco.

111214a.jpg (30955 bytes)

Entrance sign to the lighthouse site.

111214b.jpg (25175 bytes)

The road I walked to the lighthouse.

111215.jpg (16211 bytes)

The lighthouse from the west.

111216.jpg (31460 bytes)

Looking north from the Cape.

111217.jpg (21250 bytes)

The building on the right is the visitor greeting and tour center.  I do not know the purpose for the building on the left.

111218.jpg (18161 bytes)

One more view of the lighthouse.

111219.jpg (28619 bytes)

Looking south from the Cape.

111220.jpg (17433 bytes)

Looking towards the westernmost point of Cape Blanco.

111221.jpg (24637 bytes)

A trail to the coast on the north side of the Cape is available, leading to this beautiful area,

111222.jpg (19626 bytes)

From the beach on the north Cape, the wind blowing against the incoming waves helps to create a striking scene.

111223.jpg (27210 bytes)

After hiking up the trail, looking back down onto the beach.  Three people can be seen walking near the bottom center of the picture

111224.jpg (47239 bytes)

Many warning signs were posted at the entrance to the lighthouse and coast trails.

111225.jpg (45949 bytes)

The road to a beach south of the Cape.

111226.jpg (28451 bytes)

Another beautiful Oregon beach.

Heading south on US 101, I stopped at an overlook in Port Orford.  I then continued south and returned to California.

111227.jpg (43672 bytes)

This was at the overlook in Port Orford.


111228.jpg (49340 bytes)

Part pf the ship described in the previous picture.

111229.jpg (31536 bytes)

The view of the coast from the Port Orford rest area.

111230.jpg (52669 bytes)

A historical marker along Highway 101.

111231.jpg (38572 bytes)

Back in California!

I plan to head in a southerly direction tomorrow, and see some of the Redwoods National and State Parks.  Thank you for stopping by!


Routes traveled today:  US 101 - Crescent City Streets - County Road D2 - US 199 - Oregon 197 - US 101 - CR 160 - US 101

Lodging: Pennysaver Inn - 111301.jpg (27229 bytes)

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