Thursday, November 8, 2001

Hello from Bend, Oregon!

Start time: 0730

Start odometer: 24195

Weather: Foggy morning, with skies clearing soon after being on the road.  Temperature 35 degrees F., up to a max of 61.


I had an interesting day with some great roads to drive!  I took a few hikes and drove through many different landscapes.  This afternoon, I was unable to locate one museum of interest, so I stopped at another museum, which brought me to Bend.

The day started with a nice drive towards the Cascades, finding a covered bridge along the way west of Vida.  The waterway crossed was the McKenzie River.


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110801.jpg (66781 bytes)

Goodpasture Bridge, built in 1938.

110802.jpg (29182 bytes)

A look at on of the louvered windows inside the bridge.

110803.jpg (38771 bytes)

For size perspective, a log truck can be seen exiting the bridge.

Continuing the drive, I left Route 126 to take the road through McKenzie Pass, Route 242.  It was a neat road, and I saw very few cars for the forty miles to the next town.  The landscape changes are dramatic, with forests, lava flows, and high prairies seen along the way.  I took a trail to an interesting waterfall, where no water visibly flowed from the pool at the base of the falls!  I also walked along lava flows, observed craters, and visited a lava rock "observatory" built by the CCC.  I enjoyed this road very much!

110804.jpg (62748 bytes)

The entrance sign to Oregon Route 242 and McKenzie Pass.

110805.jpg (47252 bytes)

The road beyond the entrance, with warning signs!

110806.jpg (69180 bytes)

Posted road information.

110807.jpg (52508 bytes)

The trail to lower and upper Proxy Falls described in this post.

110808.jpg (67675 bytes)

A pretty trail...

110809.jpg (66118 bytes)

...That became a little slick due to frost.

110810.jpg (62544 bytes)

The lower Proxy Falls.

110811.jpg (49585 bytes)

A closer look at the falls.

110812.jpg (70678 bytes)

Continuing on the trail, I stopped at the upper Proxy Falls.  

110813.jpg (50688 bytes)

Another view of the upper falls.

110814.jpg (69888 bytes)

This pool of water is located at the base of the falls, but there is no visible outflow of water!

110815.jpg (56187 bytes)

Back at the parking area for the trail, and looking towards to road ahead.

110816.jpg (38259 bytes)

Some history of the road.

110817.jpg (18695 bytes)

A view of the Three Sisters.

110818.jpg (51069 bytes)

This gravel side road leads to Scott Lake.

110819.jpg (36146 bytes)

A view of Belknap Crater.

110820.jpg (46315 bytes)

The story of John Templeton Craig, near McKenzie Pass.

110821.jpg (18994 bytes)

Another view of the Three Sisters.

110822.jpg (53678 bytes)

The Dee Wright Observatory, built in the 1930s by the CCC.  For height reference, note the person in the center of the picture walking the trail.

110823.jpg (21999 bytes)

A view from the observatory of Mount Washington to the left, Mount Jefferson to the right.

110824.jpg (38434 bytes)

The building was constructed with holes through the two foot thick walls.  This allows the observer to see landmarks indicated on the signs posted under the openings.

110825.jpg (41797 bytes)

From the observatory, my car in the parking area with the Three Sisters in the background beyond the lava flow.

110828.jpg (30024 bytes)

Another view of Mount Washington.

110827.jpg (41939 bytes)

McKenzie Pass sign.

After my drive through the pass, I arrived in Sisters, Oregon.  It is another town that sets itself as an old western town.  Many shops line the streets, and it was bustling today.

My next planned stop was the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.  Unfortunately, the visitor center was closed (since just past Labor Day,) so I continued on an open park road to the Deschutes River and took an interpretive trail.

110829.jpg (37674 bytes)

Store in the town of Sisters.

110830.jpg (41899 bytes)

The Sisters Post Office.

110831.jpg (51180 bytes)

This car was parked in the lot...

110832.jpg (18435 bytes)

...Of this rock shop!

110833.jpg (25746 bytes)

One more view of the Three Sisters.  This vantage point allows the viewing of all three peaks.

110834.jpg (64436 bytes)

Along the trail taken in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.

110835.jpg (53131 bytes)

A view of the Deschutes.

I drove to Redmond to look for a museum listed in one of my travel books, but was unable to locate it.  While traveling to Newberry, I noticed The High Desert Museum.  This was to be my next stop this afternoon.  It is a very interesting museum with many exhibits discussing the land, people and animals of the high desert regions.  Because of time restraints, I was only able to visit a few exhibits, including the birds of prey, otter, and porcupine displays.  I will return tomorrow.

110836.jpg (70834 bytes)

In this and the next frame, two of several birds of prey on exhibit at the museum.

110837.jpg (39031 bytes)

110838.jpg (52974 bytes)

The museum had a porcupine environment

Tomorrow should be an interesting day once I decide where I will go!  Since I like to get an early start, I will probably return to the Newberry Volcanic Monument for a morning hike.  That should allow time for a museum to open.  After researching the Museum of the Fantastic, it appears to be closed.  Maybe I will take a trip up Pilot Butte for its 360 degree of the area.  Later tomorrow, I hope to get to or near Crater Lake!  Thank you for taking the time to visit and read the page!


Routes traveled today: Oregon 126 - Or 242 - US 20 - US 97

Lodging: Palmer's Motel -

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