Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Hello from Eugene, Oregon!

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Weather: Mostly clear skies, with a beautiful sunrise!  Temperature 33 degrees F.



The weather today was very cooperative.  While some fog partially lingered, the sky was mostly clear the majority of the day, and the sunrise was beautiful!  Most of the day was spent traveling along the coast, seeing many of the seaside resort towns.  Many spectacular views are available enroute.  Later in the afternoon, I turned east in Florence, heading towards the central part of the state.  The sun was setting, so I stopped in Eugene.  Two rivers, trains, and Interstate Highway 5 meet here, and tourism is supported here.


Yesterday, when I left the Air Museum, it was getting dark.  Since it was on the way, I decided to stop by for some exterior pictures.  I also wanted to see the second blimp hangar that used to be there, but burned down in the early 1990s.  Now, only one blimp hangar remains at this site.  In the United States, only seven of these hangars remain. 

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110700.jpg (39393 bytes)

The entrance sign on Route 101 to the Tillamook Air Museum.

110701.jpg (21683 bytes)

I wanted to offer two more pictures of this unusual aircraft.

110702.jpg (19384 bytes)

Note the location of the cockpit

110703.jpg (21510 bytes)

The remains of the second hangar that burned in the early 1990s.

110704.jpg (33812 bytes)

These held the large sliding doors at the opening of the hangar.

110705.jpg (29792 bytes)

The framework of the burned hangar.

110706.jpg (18122 bytes)

A parting shot of the museum.  As I said, HUGE letters!

After stopping at a nearby state park for a short hike to a waterfall, I headed south on Route 101.  This guided me through many quaint and interesting towns along the coast, as well as several lighthouses.

110707.jpg (24516 bytes)

The town of Pacific City, Oregon.

110708.jpg (20101 bytes)

Another view of the coast south of Pacific City.

110709.jpg (27204 bytes)

From a park south of Pacific City.

110710.jpg (31716 bytes)

At the park, water thrown into the air by the surf would create a small rainbow.

110711.jpg (33453 bytes)

Another view of the pacific coast.

I stopped at the Yaquina Head Natural Outstanding Area, the Bureau of Land Management area that is the location of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  Tours of the lighthouse are available, and there are several trails to explore.

110712.jpg (30842 bytes)

The visitor center for Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

110713.jpg (33941 bytes)

From an overlook approaching the lighthouse.

110714.jpg (19455 bytes)

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in Oregon.

110715.jpg (49749 bytes)

The lamp turns on for two seconds, off for two seconds, on for two seconds, then off for fourteen seconds, and repeats.

110717.jpg (34993 bytes)

Close up view of the lights.

110716.jpg (34493 bytes)

From the top of the lighthouse.

110718.jpg (26996 bytes)

Dick was our tour guide.  He had some great stories to tell, as he had been in this area for many years.

110719.jpg (21263 bytes)

From the base of the light, the backup strobe can be seen near the top.

110720.jpg (35018 bytes)

The hill east of the lighthouse was used to build Route 101.

110721.jpg (46754 bytes)

I hiked up a hill next to the lighthouse for some great views.  A view of a quarry, the parking lot for the visitor center in the lower right.

110722.jpg (46997 bytes)

The lighthouse, parking area, and cliffs from the trail.

110723.jpg (42224 bytes)

Another view looking west from the hilltop.

110724.jpg (31921 bytes)

From the same hill, this is the view to the north.

110725.jpg (44860 bytes)

Plants along the trail.

110726.jpg (54288 bytes)

110727.jpg (61693 bytes)

In 1992, it was decided to try and set up a quarry as a tidal pool.

110728.jpg (63651 bytes)

Another view of the tidal pool.

110729.jpg (43268 bytes)

Trails are constructed throughout the tidal pool area.  It was three hours prior to high tide, and some of the trail can be seen underwater.

I continued driving along the coast and visiting some of the resort towns.  In Florence Oregon, I turned east on Oregon Route 126.  It was a nice drive, and many trees were exhibiting beautiful fall colors, though it was past peak for most.

110730.jpg (37687 bytes)

Heceta Lighthouse

110731.jpg (25248 bytes)

From the same viewpoint, looking south.

110732.jpg (13423 bytes)

Looking south from Florence, Oregon, as I prepare to turn inland for a while.

In the morning, I hope to drive to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, and looking at the map, some interesting roads should lead me there.  I will then turn south and head towards Crater Lake National Park.  Thank you for stopping by the page!


Routes traveled today: US 101 - Oregon 126

Lodging: Classic Residence Inn - 110733.jpg (30541 bytes)

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