Sunday, October 28, 2001

Hello from Winthrop, Washington!

Start time: 0730

Start odometer: 21943

Weather: Foggy morning, overnight rain ended, skies cleared during morning, temperature 36 degrees F., 28 in mountain passes, peaking at 57.


More westward driving today, continuing towards northwestern Washington.  Though it was a little earlier than normal for me to stop, Winthrop was the last town with a choice of lodging on Route 20 before driving into the heart of the Cascades.  It would be dark before I got to Washington Pass, and this looked like an interesting town.  Winthrop is a throw-back to the late 1800s providing a an old western town feel.  Please click on the Winthrop link for more information.


This morning was another foggy start, as is also expected tomorrow.  The drive soon took me into beautiful sunny skies, and the winding roads provided more stunning scenery.  Outside the town of Kettle Falls, I caught my first glimpse of the Columbia River.


To the west of Kettle Falls is the Colville National Forest.  There are several recreation areas that provide camping and hiking, as well as a scenic drive.  I took a trail that followed a log flume from the early 1900s, and also drove along Bangs Mountain Road.

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102802.jpg (20963 bytes)

At this intersection is the state line between Idaho and Washington.  No signs were posted, though.

102803.jpg (54822 bytes)

Historic marker along Route 20.

102804.jpg (16552 bytes)

View along Route 20 in the Colville National Forest.

102808.jpg (44890 bytes)

Logging in the early 1900s.

102805.jpg (79095 bytes)

The indentation is the location of the former logging railroad that passed through here.

102806.jpg (44349 bytes)

Panel describing area chutes.

102807.jpg (74532 bytes)

The channel mentioned in the previous picture.

102809.jpg (58608 bytes)

Some frost remaining in a high field.

102810.jpg (48671 bytes)

The Bangs Mountain road.

102811.jpg (38304 bytes)

Description of geological feature along the Bangs Mountain Road.

102812.jpg (42616 bytes)

Looking at a cut along the road.

102814.jpg (61065 bytes)

Part of a rock wall along the south side of the Bangs Mountain Road.

102813.jpg (35935 bytes)

Falls colors still appear here.

102815.jpg (60193 bytes)

Treetops against the sky.

Continuing west on Route 20, I headed towards Sherman Pass, with an altitude of 5575 feet.  As I approached the top, which was snow and ice covered, there were two vehicles behind a large tanker truck.  It seems the tanker was sliding on the angled turn, and was stopped.  Fortunately, another vehicle was there preparing to pull the tanker away from the edge, and the other vehicles and I were able to continue around the tanker.

102816.jpg (33052 bytes)

Nearing Sherman pass, the road was still dry here.

102817.jpg (32672 bytes)

Approaching the pass.

102818.jpg (21736 bytes)

 A view from the west side of the pass.

I stopped in Okanogan to get groceries and found the Food Depot, in a log constructed building.  The people there were extremely kind and helpful.

102819.jpg (25275 bytes)

The Food Depot in Okanogan.

102821.jpg (51904 bytes)

Historical marker enroute to Twisp, Washington.

After arriving in Winthrop and checking in, I walked around town and visited some of the shops.  In a quilt shop, I met a wonderful woman named Harriet Haase.  At 85 years old, she had some great stories to tell about her many years in Winthrop, as well as other topics.

102822.jpg (33390 bytes)

Boarded sidewalks line the streets, similar to Dawson City, Y. T. 

102823.jpg (33723 bytes)

The in-town Chevron service station.

102824.jpg (42137 bytes)

Three Fingered Jacks Saloon, next to the Dance Hall.

102825.jpg (33881 bytes)

A little fuzzy, taken as it was getting dark.


There are some ice patches at Washington Pass where I hope to go tomorrow.  I have been advised to give the sun sometime to warm up the road, so I may stop for a hike in the morning enroute to the pass.  I should be north of Seattle tomorrow evening, but with the way I travel?!?!?  Thank you for visiting!

Routes traveled today: US 2 - Washington 20 - Bangs Mountain Road - Wa 20

Lodging: Hotel Rio Vista - 102826.jpg (24851 bytes)

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