Saturday, October 27, 2001

Hello from Newport, Washington!

Start time: 0745

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Weather: FOG at the start!  Then partly cloudy, finally cloudy and light rain, temperature 24 degrees F., peaking at 56.


I continued my journey today by traveling primarily northward.  I made only a few pauses enroute, finally stopping in Newport.  With a population of approximately 1900, timber and tourism are the major contributors to the local income.  There are fifty-five lakes in Pend Oreille county where Newport is the county seat.  This city is also promoted as friendly, and of the people I have met thus far, I agree.  Race car driver Bruce L. McLaren graduated High School here in 1954.


I spent much time on the road today, stopping at various historical markers along the way.  Idaho is good about giving advanced warning when approaching a turnoff with a display.  Some states give no warning, which make it difficult to know where to see them.  I try to stop at as many as possible to better know the region I travel.  They also sometimes mention sites or roads unknown to me, which enhance the tour!  The beginning of my drive was foggy, but as travel was along the Clearwater River, it was a pretty drive.


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There were many displays discussing the Lewis and Clark travels.

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More information on Lewis and Clark.

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The next stop was Dworshak Dam.

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A view of the dam from the visitor parking area.  No tours were available after the summer season.

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Another view of the dam.

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Further down Route 12, I visited a park with a trail that had interpretive panels about the Nez Perce Indians.  This was the view of the dam from the park.

102708.jpg (40536 bytes)

Another historic site description.

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The prairie mentioned in the previous panel.

During much of the drive, quite a few historic markers were in place for the Nez Perce trek in an attempt to get to Canada.  As at the Big Hole Valley site, a National Park Service Visitor Center is located in Spalding, just east of Lewiston, Idaho.  As usual, I like to see the park audio-visual presentation.  While all the parks I have visited so far have had either a slide show with a dissolve unit, a vcr tape, or DVD, this site still used a 16mm movie.  However, when I remarked to the Ranger about the film, he mentioned that on Monday, they are getting a DVD unit installed for future shows.  Much more efficient and easier for the summer help to operate.

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Entrance sign...

102711.jpg (14997 bytes)

...To the Visitor Center.

I continued to Lewiston (across the border from Clarkston) and began driving north on US 95.  The road requires the traveler to drive up in altitude in a short distance.  At the top of the hill are scenic overlooks with more interpretive panels.  One mentioned an older road that winds its way up the hill.  Of course, I took that road, and it was an interesting drive!  I made a few more stops later in the drive, including a visit to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  Robert, a friend of mine from San Jose, used to live in Coeur d'Alene and mentioned how nice it was.  From what I saw, I agree with him.

102712.jpg (45899 bytes)

Panel describing old road.

102713.jpg (24944 bytes)

The city of Lewiston, Idaho, looking south, with the old road below.

102714.jpg (24073 bytes)

From the same viewpoint, looking southwest.

102715.jpg (42161 bytes)

I thought this town had an interesting name!

102716.jpg (29584 bytes)

A view of Main Street, Tensed, Idaho.

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A tree along Government Way in Coeur d'Alene.


102718.jpg (59525 bytes)

Another view of Government Way.

Tomorrow, I head into the Cascade Range in Washington.  I expect to stop somewhere in the middle of the northern part of the state.  Thank you for visiting the page!


Routes traveled today: US 12 - Idaho 7 - County Road P1 - Id 7 - US 12 - US 95 - Id 53 - Id 41 - US 2

Lodging: Golden Spur Motor Inn -

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