Friday, October 26, 2001

Hello from Kamiah, Idaho!

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Weather: Clear skies, temperature 21 degrees F., peaking at 57.


After a day of mostly driving, I stopped in Kamiah, Idaho.  This area was the winter home of the Nez Perce Indians.  They were here to fish for steelhead and to manufacture "Kamia" ropes, hence the name Kamiah, "the place of many rope litters."  Lewis and Clark also camped here during their 1806 journey.


Woke up to a beautiful sunrise this morning.  My first stop today was at a park not open until 0900, so I took my time this morning.  I arrived at the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site as Ranger Lyndel was unlocking doors to the buildings.  She offered a guided tour of the main house built in 1862.  This site is operated by the National Park Service as an exhibit of ranching in the 1800s and early 1900s.  This house and ranch were originally owned by Johnny Grant, who sold everything to a German immigrant, Conrad Kohrs, in 1866.  Conrad's grandson began managing the property in the 1930s, and purchased the property in the 1940s.  In 1972, the property became a National Historic Site.  Fortunately, the grandson preserved much of the contents of the home, so all articles on display today are original.  

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The Park Visitor Center.  Small, but keeping with the theme of the site.

102601.jpg (42998 bytes)

The back of the ranch house.

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This is a picture of the beaverslide mentioned in the report for yesterday.

102603.jpg (34523 bytes)

The chicken coop

102604.jpg (69933 bytes)

Old sunflowers, which were about seven feet tall.

102605.jpg (42582 bytes)

A wagon on display used in the summer for presentations.

102606.jpg (48883 bytes)

An interesting staircase leading to the back of the ranch house.

102607.jpg (44941 bytes)

The front of the house.

The remainder of the day I spent driving, with several roadside stops along the way.  Staying on the back roads, I swung northeast through some interesting towns, then headed west into Idaho.  

102608.jpg (40314 bytes)

An old store in the town of Avon, Montana.

102609.jpg (56779 bytes)

The story of the wilderness area.

102610.jpg (24552 bytes)

A view of part of the area described in the previous panel.

102611.jpg (38814 bytes)

Taken in the town of Ovando, Montana.

102612.jpg (22307 bytes)

A view along Montana Route 200.

102613.jpg (21640 bytes)

Another nice view...


Someone earlier on my journey mentioned that Route 12 is a nice drive through Idaho, so I joined it in Missoula, Montana.  It is a great road with incredible views.  And since it is the end of October, the traffic was very light.

102614.jpg (29357 bytes)

Snow atop Lolo Pass, Route 12, at the Montana-Idaho border.  This also took me into the Pacific Time Zone.

102615.jpg (51094 bytes)

Sign posted just beyond Lolo Pass.  It was fun to drive!

102616.jpg (34959 bytes)

Looking west.

102617.jpg (40139 bytes)

Further down Route 12, looking east.

102618.jpg (42542 bytes)

The next three pictures were on display at  a pullout.

102619.jpg (38589 bytes)

102620.jpg (34299 bytes)

102621.jpg (28093 bytes)

 A hiking trail was available to view the some of the remains of a burned area.

102622.jpg (40256 bytes)

A view of the Selway River

Tomorrow I continue west into Washington.  I am going to review a list of suggested Washington sites mentioned to me by a local I met when in Minnesota.  Thank you for looking at the page!


Routes traveled today: Montana Frontage Road - US 12 - Mt 141 - Mt 200 - US 12

Lodging: Lewis and Clark Resort -

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