Monday, October 22, 2001

Hello from Albion, Idaho!

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Weather: Beautiful sunrise, temperature 37 degrees F., peaking at 67 degrees after driving through snow in Utah!


Albion is another town that supports the local agriculture.  Many ranches are in the area, as well as a ski resort just a short drive away.  There was also an educational facility called Utah Normal College here, but it closed in the forties.  Very nice people, and had a great dinner at the Albion Cafe.


Talked with V. J., the motel owner for a while before getting on the road.  He is from Hawaii, and used to be a lawyer in Oregon, then became a adjunct professor.  His wife, who was also a professor, and he, wanted to be with their children more, so they bought a motel!

V. J. suggested I take a drive 20 miles south to see the ruts of the Oregon Trail!  The ruts were not as easy to see as the Santa Fe Trail last year, but still a very interesting site.  Along the way, I got to see a large herd of Pronghorns!  No picture, as they were not near.

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There is a driving tour available that follows the trail.

10220102.jpg (29636 bytes)

View of the trail.


After passing through Diamondville on my return, I went to Kemmerer, Wyoming.  This is the home of the original J. C. Penney store, what they call their mother store.

10220103.jpg (34902 bytes)

The front of the "Mother Store."  This is the third building, opened in the 1920s.  The original building was located directly behind this one.

10220105.jpg (35151 bytes)

This is a wire and pulley system used for purchases.  One person at one place would process all sales, and send the money to the upper office area above the front doors.  This would allow all money to be placed immediately in the safe, and have only one person accountable!

.10220106.jpg (29740 bytes)

A picture of James Cash Penney.

10220107.jpg (48978 bytes)

The store was mostly one level, with a small second floor balcony on both ends.  In the front was the office, in the back was the children's section.

10220104.jpg (41957 bytes)

A business down the street from Penney's.


I headed west into into Utah.  Several roads were very straight, until I arrived in the mountains of northwest Utah.  This is also where I drove through some snow at the highest point of he road.

10220108.jpg (26801 bytes)

One of several straight roads traveled today.

10220109.jpg (36809 bytes)

First time in Utah for this trip.

10220110.jpg (20313 bytes)

Snow falling, temperature 34 degrees.

10220111.jpg (23086 bytes)

I saw some support vans up the road, then these two people running up the mountain with a police escort.  Later, I learned Nike is sponsoring a cross country run.

10220112.jpg (27000 bytes)

On the west side of Logan Canyon, the weather cleared up a bit.

Continuing west, I headed towards the Golden Spike National Historic Site.  Along the way, I kept seeing signs for a rocket display.  Just beyond the turnoff to the historic site was Thiokol, the company where many rockets and engines, including the Space Shuttle solid rocket boosters, are designed and built.  They have an area in front of one of their main buildings (their complex is several miles long) to display many of their products.  As you can imagine, I enjoyed this visit!  After completing my walk through the displays, I stopped at the reception desk to ask if any tours are given, but unfortunately, none are available.  She did mention that if I was going to be around for a while, they were going to do an engine test in November!  Maybe I will return?!?!?

10220113.jpg (33334 bytes)

The view from the parking area.


I took pictures of the panels describing some of the rockets.  They are stacked with the rockets in the following cells.

10220115.jpg (37391 bytes)10220114.jpg (25253 bytes)

.10220117.jpg (56208 bytes)10220116.jpg (19768 bytes)

10220119.jpg (35993 bytes)10220118.jpg (27298 bytes)

Thought I would stand in front for reference.

10220120.jpg (27830 bytes)

The base of the shuttle booster!

.10220121.jpg (36107 bytes)

Another view of the shuttle solid fuel booster.

10220123.jpg (35268 bytes)10220122.jpg (15607 bytes)

No comments about which is the "clunker!"

10220124.jpg (29930 bytes)


.10220125.jpg (38592 bytes)

Another missile.

10220126.jpg (31251 bytes)

The entrance to the parking area.

10220127.jpg (32083 bytes)

Some of the test facilities.

.10220128.jpg (17117 bytes)

I took this picture two miles away, which shows less than half of the facility!

My final stop for the day was the Golden Spike National Historic Site, the location of the 1869 meeting of railroad tracks from the east and west!  I found this to be a very informative site, and learned much about the completion of the first transcontinental railway.  There is a reenactment every May 10th.  They also have replicas of No. 119 and No. 60 that operate in the summer.

10220129.jpg (31892 bytes)

The entrance.

10220130.jpg (29407 bytes)

The location of the final spike, on the track in the back between the viewing stands.

10220131.jpg (32340 bytes)

This is a replica of the original tie. During the actual ceremony, a special tie was placed here, and the final spikes were driven into pre-drilled holes.  Shortly after, the spikes and tie were removed for historical display.  The final golden spike is on display in the Stanford Museum in Palo Alto, California.  The tie was stored in San Francisco, but was destroyed during the 1909 earthquake. 

10220132.jpg (55255 bytes)

The tie in position for the ceremony.

10220133.jpg (40763 bytes)

The park provides to short auto tours which partially travel along the original track bed.  By 1942, the railroads had built improved routes, and this was all but abandoned.  After a ceremony in 1942 to remove the "final" spike, the track was shut down.  The rails were removed to provide metal for the war effort.

10220134.jpg (33636 bytes)

A view of a cut-through.

10220135.jpg (31431 bytes)

A sign was posted when this group of railroad workers won a bet. 

10220136.jpg (35397 bytes)

A very interesting drive, with beautiful scenery and interesting sky.

10220138.jpg (36697 bytes)10220137.jpg (53313 bytes)

This plaque describes what became a memorial to the Chinese workers.

After leaving the park, I continued to drive past Thiokol.  I found it very interesting that Thiokol, representing space travel, is located so near to the historical location of train travel!  

10220139.jpg (25953 bytes)

There is an identical building beside the one in this view.  I believe these house the shuttle booster rockets, as they are very long.  When a booster is used and recovered from the Atlantic Ocean, it is brought back to this facility.


10220140.jpg (42313 bytes)

I was on a back road when entering Idaho.



I will stop at City of Rocks and Craters of the Moon tomorrow if I do not get diverted elsewhere!  Thanks for visiting, and please keep in touch!


Routes traveled today: US 89 - Wyoming 22 - Idaho 33 - ID 31 - Wy 26 - US 89 - ID 61 - Wy 89 - US 30 - Wy 300 - Park Roads - Wy 300 - US 30

Lodging: Marsh Creek Inn - 10220141.jpg (54261 bytes)

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