Saturday, October 20, 2001

Hello from Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

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I spent more time than planned in Teton National Park today (as usual,) and so decided to stop in Jackson Hole again.  Mostly a day of driving and sightseeing, though I did take a few walks through the available park historical displays.

I started by heading towards Teton Village, a town about twelve miles west of Jackson.  This is the location of the Jackson Hole Ski Resort.  Michael Zschunke, my Nephew, mentioned in an e-mail yesterday about Corbet's Couloir Ski Run, one of the most difficult in the United States, which is located here.  I stopped at one of the shops in the complex and spoke with some of the staff.  They mentioned that the Tetons are the center of mountaineering in the country, along with the intense skiing.

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The upper mountain area of the resort.

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Another view of the resort.

Upon leaving the resort, I returned to a road that provides another access to the Grand Teton National Park.  This lead to the park visitor center located in Moose, Wyoming.  For the remainder of the day I traveled through the park stopping at different sights and overlooks.  I also met a fellow traveler, Mieke.  She is from Denver, but originally from Holland.  Another nice conversation for the trip.

Finally, the road passed the Jackson Hole Airport, so I sopped by.  The day finished with a beautiful sunset!

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Another gravel road!  Allows entrance into the park via Jackson Hole Ski Resort.

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Cabins in the view of the mountains.

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This is the support for a cable going across the river.  This was used for a ferry boat that was used to cross the river over one hundred years ago.

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A pretty mountain view.

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Jenny Lake

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One lane wooden bridge leading to the Lupine Trailhead.

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The Cathedral Group

10200110.jpg (48282 bytes)

Description of the group.

10200111.jpg (26210 bytes)

Another view of the group.

10200112.jpg (53775 bytes)

A view of Jackson Lake.

10200113.jpg (39415 bytes)

The road up Signal Mountain provides overlooks with wonderful views!

10200114.jpg (31722 bytes)

A look at Snake River from Signal Mountain.

10200115.jpg (39691 bytes)

Mieke atop Signal Mountain.

10200116.jpg (36326 bytes)

Me at 7593 feet.

10200117.jpg (35599 bytes)

The Cunningham Cabin, one of the original settlers in Jackson Hole.

10200118.jpg (26036 bytes)

Late afternoon view.

10200119.jpg (25981 bytes)

Jackson Hole Airport entrance.

10200120.jpg (22270 bytes)

The terminal, with parking blocked to at least three hundred yards away from the building.

Tomorrow I will plan to head south to the Fossil Butte National Monument, then northwest into Idaho.  However, my friend Carla suggested a museum in Montana, so I will decide in the morning.  Thank you for stopping by...


Routes traveled today: Wy 22 - Grand Teton Park Roads - US 89

Lodging: Motel 6 -

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