Friday, October 19, 2001

Hello from Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

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Weather: Cloudy morning with some strong winds, clearing towards the evening.  Temperature - 36 degrees F., peaking at 53 degrees.

I had a good day with a bit of walking through the many hot springs and geyser fields located along the drive.  I enjoyed my visit to Yellowstone, and hope to return again to discover more of the park.  Tonight I am in Jackson, also known as Jackson Hole.  A center for the ranchers in the area, it also serves as a core for recreational activities.  There are three major ski resorts in the area, including the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  

This morning I returned to the park through the west entrance just outside of West Yellowstone, Montana.  After crossing into Wyoming, I stopped for a hike on a trail leading into an area burned during the 1988 fire.  Here, as well as throughout much of the park, new growth can be seen where the recent fire raged.

Continuing east towards Old Faithful, I stopped at several roadside displays describing the history, geology, and wildlife of the park.  Also along the road are several areas to hike and view more hot springs and geysers.  The amount of geothermal activity in the park is incredible!

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A sign describing the scene in the next picture.

10190102.jpg (62270 bytes)

As mentioned on the previous sign, these rock glaciers sometimes move en masse

10190103.jpg (33647 bytes)

More bison passing by the side of the road.

10190104.jpg (24679 bytes)

Another hot spring...The warmth of the hot steam felt good against the cold wind blowing.

.10190105.jpg (40265 bytes)

An interesting geyser formation.

10190106.jpg (33958 bytes)

Hot spring field

The road led me back to Old Faithful.  I arrived about thirty minutes before the next eruption, so I decided to hike up to an observation point several hundred feet above Old Faithful.

10190107.jpg (52754 bytes)

Old Faithful in the lower right corner, before the eruption.  This and the next picture show an overview of the area.  You can see there are quite a few people there, but from what I was told, nothing like the crowds in the summer.

10190108.jpg (35973 bytes)

The lodge, visitor center, and other facilities are behind the rim of the geyser area.

10190109.jpg (36658 bytes)

As Old Faithful erupts.

10190110.jpg (40267 bytes)

Another view...

.10190111.jpg (19793 bytes)

The amount of steam generated is impressive!

10190112.jpg (35706 bytes)

The eruption lasted about five minutes and was shorter than the one I saw yesterday.

10190113.jpg (35200 bytes)

A few minutes after Old Faithful stopped, another geyser to the right from my observation point, the Beehive Geyser, began to erupt!

10190114.jpg (34088 bytes)

It is easy to see how near the geyser is to the walkway.  There are walkways and paths through the area behind Old Faithful, where many geysers and hot springs can be seen.

10190116.jpg (31942 bytes)

The size of Beehive Geyser's eruption can be compared to the people standing on the walkway near the base. 

Departing the observation point, I continued hiking the trail to Solitary Geyser.  Along the path was a huge bison lying on his side!  I left the trail to keep my distance as I circled around him.  As I was walking, he decided to get up.  I watch carefully, but he had no interest in me.  Actually, after he stood up, he did not move for the entire time I was in the area.  While at the geyser, I met a gentleman named Dick Everett from Missoula Montana.  He brought his kids to explore the park.  He also offered to get me in the picture below by the geyser.  

I continued along the trail through the geyser and hot spring field, then departed the Old Faithful area of the park.  But just as I was leaving, Old Faithful erupted again!

10190117.jpg (62775 bytes)

The bison blocking the trail!

10190118.jpg (53667 bytes)

A panel at Solitary Geyser.

10190119.jpg (36078 bytes)

Me, with two flannel shirts!  Not expecting to be on the road this long, I did not bring cold weather gear!

10190120.jpg (49726 bytes)

The description of Beehive Geyser.

.10190121.jpg (46780 bytes)

Beehive Geyser, after the eruption.

10190122.jpg (69149 bytes)

An interestingly shaped tree trunk along the trail.

10190123.jpg (34439 bytes)

One last eruption as I was preparing to drive out of the parking lot!

I continued driving south, stopping at several more roadside displays, including another stop describing the power and results of the 1988 fire.

The road south leads out of the park, to the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway, eventually guiding you into the Grand Teton National Park.  This road through the park travels to the east of the Grand Tetons, allowing for great views.  I stopped at several outlooks, and will return tomorrow to further explore the park.

10190124.jpg (55027 bytes)

This view shows where the 1988 fire crossed a five hundred foot canyon.

10190125.jpg (55113 bytes)


10190126.jpg (36870 bytes)

10190127.jpg (36927 bytes)

Across the low level Jackson Lake, looking northwest.

10190128.jpg (28782 bytes)

From the previous viewpoint, looking southwest.

10190129.jpg (33210 bytes)

Beautiful sights to the west of the road.

10190130.jpg (21560 bytes)

Clouds surrounding the peak.

10190131.jpg (47597 bytes)

One last view...

Tomorrow I head back into Grand Teton National Park, driving in areas I have yet to see.  I will also try a few hiking trails along the way.  Not sure where I will be tomorrow, as I plan my next destination!  Thanks for visiting!


Routes traveled today: US 20 - Yellowstone Park Roads - US 89

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