Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Hello from Lovell, Wyoming!

Start time: 0715

Start odometer: 19144

Weather: Clear sky, beautiful sunrise, 27 degrees F.


It was another great day for a drive!  I was able to get some miles behind me, and meet more nice people along the way.  After driving over the beautiful Big Horn Mountains enroute to Yellowstone, I stopped in the town of Lovell, Wyoming to get park road information.  I spoke with a lady from the Big Horn National Forest Office who was able to assist me.  She then suggested a side trip north of town into the Big Horn National Recreation Area.  I decided to acquire accommodations in Lovell, then visit the Recreation Area.


Another night of talking with new friends, so only have time for highlights.  Will update with more information soon...



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One more view of the Arrowhead Motel.

An early distant view of Devil's Tower!

A story about the Tower.

I took the trail that circles the Devil's Tower.

Panel describing how the tower is slowly falling apart.


Routes traveled today: US 14 - Wyoming 24 - Wy 110 - Wy 24 - Wy 14 - US 90 - US 16 - US 14 - Wy Alt 14 - 37Wy Alt 14

Hotel: Horseshoe Bend Motel -

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