Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Hello from Medora, Montana!

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Weather: Another beautiful morning with clear skies and bright sun with a cool temperature of 38o F.

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It was a good day for driving, sightseeing, and hiking.  Most of the day was spent in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  The park is located central part of western North Dakota, and is divided in two units, north and south.  I toured the northern unit today, and will visit the southern unit tomorrow.  A suggestion from Ranger Kay at the North Unit Visitor Center led me to a back road drive to Medora, where I decided to stay for the evening.  The town was named after the bride of a French nobleman when he founded the town in 1883.  This was an old western town, and in the early 1960s, was modernized.  However, restoration allowed it to keep the old western look.  It has a great look and feel to it as I walked around a bit this evening.


I drove south for most of the morning, going through the towns of Plentywood, Froid, Culbertson (which I visited on August 11,) and Sidney Montana.  Sidney was the largest one, and appeared to be a nice, typical small town.  And it has an airport!

01sdy1.jpg (14355 bytes)

Sidney Airport (SDY)

02penney1.jpg (45285 bytes)

An old stand-alone J. C. Penney in downtown Sidney!  Note the old vertical sign on the left.

After stopping at the Post Office, I headed east towards North Dakota.  The scenery along the road was interesting as I headed into the Badlands region.

03nd1.jpg (41700 bytes)

Another state, another time zone! (Mountain time to Central time)  This makes the my twenty-third time zone change!

04view1.jpg (35066 bytes)

View along the road.

26pdrive22.jpg (42570 bytes)

The is the entrance sign to the North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Dorothy, the park staff member who I met when I visited the Knife River Indian Village Historical Site just east of here, suggested I visit this unit first. 

After a short drive, I turned south on Route 85 which led me to the entrance of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  After stopping by the Visitor Center and getting information from Ranger Kay, I drove along the fourteen mile park road.  I stopped at the overlooks and interpretive panels.

05pdrive1.jpg (48658 bytes)

Information about some of the formations seen in the park.

06pdrive2.jpg (45620 bytes)

An example of a slump block.

07pdrive3.jpg (33327 bytes)

A picture of the road and landscape in this area.

08pdrive4.jpg (47849 bytes)

09pdrive5.jpg (52293 bytes)

Interesting shapes in the rock.

10pdrive06.jpg (59434 bytes)

11pdrive07.jpg (28446 bytes)

14pdrive10.jpg (31622 bytes)

This shelter, overlooking the Little Missouri River to the southwest, was built by the CCC in the 1930s.

13pdrive9.jpg (54789 bytes)

Another view from the previous overlook, southeastward.

12pdrive8.jpg (44254 bytes)

Mule deer on the road.

15pdrive11.jpg (41145 bytes)

16pdrive12.jpg (50767 bytes)

Another tourist at the Visitor Center mentioned that while there is some similarity to the Badlands National Park, more color is visible in these formations.

17pdrive13.jpg (40640 bytes)

18pdrive14.jpg (29437 bytes)

This region of North Dakota also contains the Little Missouri National Grasslands.

20pdrive16.jpg (11743 bytes)

Along the road, I met a pack of thirty Bison!

19pdrive15.jpg (30428 bytes)

This one did not look both ways before crossing the road!

25pdrive21.jpg (39299 bytes)

On my return to the entrance, another larger pack was preparing to cross the road!

21pdrive17.jpg (32157 bytes)

Another view of the landscape.

22pdrive18.jpg (32959 bytes)

The first cloud of the day!

23pdrive19.jpg (23979 bytes)

Later, more clouds moved in, but it made for a very pretty sky, with the sun just outside the frame.

24pdrive20.jpg (46946 bytes)

This panel tells a story about Theodore Roosevelt, who had lived in the area.  It is said that some of his inspiration for conservation of land and wildlife was generated while he lived here.

I took several hikes while in the park, and fortunately did not run into any Bison on the trails!  It was fascinating to see these formations up close, and to learn about some of the plant life in the park.  It was also wonderful to be in such a peaceful place.

I departed the park later in the afternoon, but just south of the entrance, after crossing the Little Missouri river, I changed time zones again!  I was now back in Mountain Daylight Savings Time, getting back the hour I lost earlier in the day.  Soon, a roadside turnout had a sign detailing the Badland scenery.  Twenty miles further south I turned west on Blacktail Road, which Ranger Kay said was a much prettier drive to Medora.  I spent the next 45 miles on gravel roads (again,) and as usual, it was well worth it for the scenery.

30drv1.jpg (21344 bytes)

Another time zone, my twenty-forth!

29rv1.jpg (39407 bytes)

The descriptive panel along Route 85.

28pdrive24.jpg (26997 bytes)

The back road to Medora.

After checking into my motel, I had a great dinner at the Iron Horse Saloon, and listened to some interesting stories being told by the ranchers at the bar.  As I said before, I walked around town afterwards, enjoying the visual atmosphere of the old west.

Tomorrow I plan on visiting the south unit of the Roosevelt National Park, then head to Rapid City, where I hope to pick up my mail that has been forwarded to me.  I may also get to see the geographical center of the United States in Castle Rock, South Dakota!  Thank you for taking the time to look at the page!


Routes traveled today: Montana 16 - Mt 200 - Mt 23 - North Dakota 68 - US 85 - Roosevelt National Park North Unit Road - US 85 - Blacktail Road - Forest Service Road 702 - Roosevelt National Park South Unit Road - East River Road

Hotel: Sully Inn -

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