Sunday, October 7, 2001

Hello from Vegreville, Alberta!

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As you can see, I did not get to the planned destination (again!)  I keep finding wonderful things to see and do along the way, which has been the trend of this trip!  Today was the same, as I found myself visiting a museum and heritage center.  Towards the end of the day, I decided to stay in the area and follow a pamphlet I picked up this morning describing a driving tour of the many Ukrainian churches in Lamont County.  I ended the journey in Vegreville, a town named after a Roman Catholic missionary.  This town is also in the region where many eastern Europeans arrived near the beginning of the twentieth century, and were able to select land for their homesteads.  


The day started out well, as I awoke to another beautiful morning.  Not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was just rising above the horizon.  In the car, the thermometer reported 43 degrees, but the sun made it feel warmer.  My first stop was at the Edmonton Visitor Center, where I was ably assisted by the staff with information on the Edmonton area.  Behind the center, they have the original Oil Derrick No. 1, which was the unit that discovered the first oil in the region, changing the face of Alberta.  



1derrick1.jpg (27253 bytes)

2derrick2.jpg (35297 bytes)

3derrick3.jpg (56747 bytes)


I decided to take a drive through Edmonton.  It was getting near 10:00, which was the time The Odyssium, a science and space museum in the city, was scheduled to open.  I drove to the site and spent a couple of hours inside.  While this is primarily a learning museum for children, they have some great interactive displays, including a section where people get to investigate the murder of a fictitious writer.  This allows participants to learn about the many facets of detective work and ways we can determine how our bodies look and work, or what might be left behind.  This included DNA demonstrations, x-rays, computer generated mug shots, writing analysis, and many other ways detectives research a case.  The museum also has an IMAX theatre and a laser show available.  This is a great place to learn.

4odyssium1.jpg (28571 bytes)

Entrance area of the Odyssium.



My next destination was outside of Edmonton, twenty miles east of the city.  This is the location of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Center.  The organization has collected original settlement churches, homes, and businesses, and brought them to this area to show what a typical 1929 Ukrainian immigrant village might be.  People in costume portray citizens of that time, providing information about how the people of central-eastern Alberta lived.  I had some nice conversations with the people, including Gordon and Steve (picture below.)  Steve portrays John, the Blacksmith, while Gord portrays the hotel owner.  The discussion involved quite a wide variety of topics!  It was also very interesting to hear their perspective of past, as well as current events.

05ukraine1.jpg (40940 bytes)

Entrance sign

06ukraine2.jpg (45574 bytes)

Introductory plaque

07ukraine3.jpg (41285 bytes)

Information on the originations of the immigrants.

08ukraine4.jpg (38320 bytes)

Exterior - Demchuk Blacksmith shop

09ukraine5.jpg (39102 bytes)

John Demchuck

10Ukraine6.jpg (27581 bytes)

St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church

11ukraine7.jpg (33265 bytes)

Helen Yurko

12ukraine8.jpg (33019 bytes)

Exterior - Yurko house

13ukraine9.jpg (31496 bytes)

The neighborhood depicting the Bukovynian settlers.

14ukraine10.jpg (43192 bytes)

Butterfly outside of the Grekul house

15ukraine11.jpg (36741 bytes)

Interior - Grekul house

16ukraine12.jpg (40805 bytes)

Exterior - Barn next to the Grekul house

17ukraine13.jpg (28247 bytes)

St. Nicholas Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

18ukraine14.jpg (58745 bytes)

The Provincial Police Post

19ukraine15.jpg (40400 bytes)

Steve and Gordon sitting in front of the Hilliard Hotel.

It was good that I arrived here today.  If you look at the entrance sign picture, it states the Center will be open through Thanksgiving day.  I have to remind myself that tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada!  Good timing!

Continuing the drive, I headed east towards Mundare, Alberta.  There is a meat processing plant in town, and they erected a "statue" in honor of their business!!!

20sausage1.jpg (28676 bytes)

21sausage2.jpg (56366 bytes)

At this point, I decided to take the auto tour of the churches in Lamont County.  From the pamphlet:  Lamont County has 47 churches - more per capita than anywhere else in North America.  Below are several of the churches on the tour:

22church1.jpg (15830 bytes)

St. Demetrius Russo-Greek Orthodox Church

23church2.jpg (32790 bytes)

Church of the Archangel St. Michael

24church3.jpg (30699 bytes)

St. John Ukrainian Orthodox Church

04church3.jpg (32382 bytes)

St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

25church4.jpg (64126 bytes)

This gravesite belongs to one of the original Ukrainians that came to Canada in 1891.  Iwan Pylypow and Wasyl Eleniak investigated the Canadian's offer of homesteads, and reported back to their fellow villagers.  (Info from the Center's Site Guide.)

26churcg5.jpg (61684 bytes)\

A closer look at the tombstone.

27church6.jpg (32912 bytes)

Holy Ascension Russo-Greek Orthodox Church


After completing a portion of the tour, I headed back to the east, with a planned destination of Vegreville.  Looking in my rear view mirror to the west, the sky had clouded up.  But the sun was between the edge of the clouds and the horizon, providing beautiful sky colors-

28sky1.jpg (13965 bytes)

29sky2.jpg (12730 bytes)


Tomorrow I head south.  I am debating on whether or not to take a drive to Drumheller.  Beyond that, my next planned destination will be the Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.  


As always, I thank you for visiting!  Until tomorrow...


Routes traveled today: Alberta 2 - Edmonton Streets  - Ca16 - Ab 15 - Ab 855 - Ab 45 - Ab 15 - Ab 16

Hotel: Wild Rose Inn -

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