Saturday, October 6, 2001

Hello from Leduc, Alberta!

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Weather:  Pretty morning, 30 F.


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Leduc is about 19 kilometers south of Edmonton, across Route 2 from the airport.  It offers lodging and food for the air traveler, and may also be connected to the railroad.  I will do some research and update.  (Cheryl, do you know much about Leduc?!?)


The majority of the day was spent indoors, since I was visiting the West Edmonton Mall!  It is promoted as the largest mall in the world, the largest indoor amusement park (including the largest indoor three looped roller coaster,) and has the largest parking lot in the world!  I had to see this place for myself, and I believe what they say!  I did not take my camera inside so I have no pictures, but please see the link above to get an idea of what is offered.  This is a two level mall with many branches.  I wanted to see every store, and after several hours of walking,  I made my way around both levels!  I knew a trail hike was not in the plans for the day, so I figured a long walk would be good!  I did stop in several stores, as well as watch two performances of their live dolphin show, penguin feeding, looking at the full size recreation of Columbus's Santa Maria, watching a submarine ride, "Fastrac" indoor go-cart track, huge amusement park (including the loop coaster, where you can stand on a pathway that goes through the middle of one of the loops,)  large indoor wave pool with very tall water slides and bungee jumping, casino (I walked out +7.00 dollars,)  ice rink, etc., etc., etc.!!!  Take a look at the site!  

hinton1.jpg (15038 bytes)

The view of Hinton looking east.

mall1.jpg (21422 bytes)

The approach to the West Edmonton Mall.



When I arrived in the mall at 1115, there were quite a few people, but it was easy to maneuver through the halls and stores.  By 1400, it had become somewhat crowded, and walking was more difficult.  Of course, it is Saturday, on a holiday weekend (Thanksgiving will be celebrated in Canada on Monday,) so it would be interesting to see how many people visit in the middle of the week. 


Keeping the report out of sequential order, the morning started with a beautiful sunrise, and the temperature at departure time was 40 degrees F.  During the drive to Edmonton, it got as low as 30, and at the mall this afternoon, it got up to a warm 74 degrees!  The drive took me away from the Rockies, and into the farmlands and prairies.  There was also a bison farm with hundreds of bison!  Also, as I was approaching Edmonton and listening to a local radio station, they were giving away free tickets to the "Sing Along with the Sound of Music," on tour in town tonight.  Apparently someone took the "Sound of Music," added subtitles and an MC!   I know my sister would love it, but sorry, I did not win the tickets!


Finally, after leaving the mall, it was too late to try to get to the Ukraine village, so I decided to take a drive by the airport and find lodging in Leduc.  

yeg1.jpg (22269 bytes)

Entrance sign to the Edmonton International Airport.

yeg2.jpg (21376 bytes)

The terminal and tower.

yeg3.jpg (15959 bytes)

For my friends at USAirways, A/C N493US at YEG, now operated by Horizon.  I cannot count how many times I crawled in the cargo bins of this aircraft!


As I stated earlier, I spent most of the day indoors, so not many pictures were taken.  Again, check out the West Edmonton Mall site, as their descriptions and pictures are better than what I could provide!


In the morning, I will drive to Vegreville to see the Ukrainian community.  Not surprisingly, tonight when I went to the grocery store to pick up dinner, I noticed Ukrainian sausage was available.  After my visit, I plan a drive to Drumheller, Alberta.  From DeLorme -

Plant-eating hadrosaurs, flesh-eating tyrannosaurs and their formidable cousins stomped through the swampy lowlands and forests bordering the Mowry Sea, which once covered the North American plains. Fossils of prehistoric creatures often are discovered in the multilayered sedimentary walls of the valley; several life-size dinosaur replicas can be seen in town.
A larger-than-life version of one of these prehistoric beings, an 84-foot-tall facsimile of a tyrannosaurus rex, has been built over the top of the Drumheller Regional Chamber of Development and Tourism on First Avenue. Visitors can climb up to a viewing platform in the dinosaur's mouth.

I may not arrive their until Monday, but it will be interesting...


Thanks for reading the page.  Hope to hear from you soon!


Routes traveled today: Ca 16 - Edmonton Streets - Ab 2

Hotel: Airport Motel

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