Sunday, September 30, 2001

Hello from Johnson's Crossing, Yukon Territory!

Also, another Aurora Borealis sighting!!!  See below...

Start time: 0930

Start odometer: 15216

Weather: The day started cloudy and windy, with a temperature of 49 degrees F.  It had rained overnight, making for a damp morning.


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ab1.jpg (23440 bytes)

ab2.jpg (22326 bytes)

ab4.jpg (13698 bytes)

The Northern Lights with moonlit clouds.

signpost1.jpg (28895 bytes)

Daylight view of the sign.

ab3.jpg (9971 bytes)

The same sign backlit by the aurora borealis.

ab5.jpg (10089 bytes)

ab6.jpg (10241 bytes)

ab6bd.jpg (13142 bytes)

You can see the Big Dipper behind the lights!

ab7.jpg (10980 bytes)

ab8aircraft.jpg (12332 bytes)

The streak of light is a commercial jet at high altitude.

ab9.jpg (13379 bytes)

This is the moon behind clouds.  It looked pretty nice, too!



Tomorrow I continue my quest along the Alaska Highway, then after a short visit to Watson Lake, I will turn south onto the Stewart-Cassiar Highway!   Thank you for stopping by and viewing my page, and pictures!  Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!


Routes traveled today: Ak 98 - BC 2 - YT 2 - YT 8 - YT 1

Hotel: Johnson's Crossing Campground Services Motel -


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