Friday, September 28, 2001

Hello from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory!

Start time: 0945

Start odometer: 14884

Weather: A beautiful morning with a mostly clear blue sky, temperature 31F


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The Alaska Highway dedication site.

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The Alaska Highway, looking northward.

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The Kluane Mountains

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One of many spectacular views of Lake Kluane.

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Looking towards the northwest of the previous picture.

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One more shot of the lake.

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The Kluane River

Information about the Kluane River

A straight stretch of the Alcan.

Stopped by the historic Destruction Bay mile marker.

Destruction Bay had information about the area and Kluane Lake.  This panel describes geographic and climate statistics.

"The History of Destruction Bay"

Lake Kluane behind Destruction Bay.

Sign marking Soldier's Summit

This panel shows a picture of the dedication ceremony for the Alaska Highway.

Another panel found at the dedication area.

A view of Kluane lake from the summit.

This was the area of the dedication.

The trail sign for Soldier's Summit.

Another view of Sheep Mountain.

Road crews preparing the road side.

Never-ending beautiful scenes of Kluane.

Back to a construction zone on the Alcan.

Many times I had the road to myself.

Historical marker for Haines Junction.

Information about the road to Haines, Alaska.

These plaques were just outside of the Kluane National Park Visitor Center.

Just west of Whitehorse, this is a view of the Alcan, looking northwest.

Also west of Whitehorse is the historic Canyon Creek Bridge.

An old road bridge that was part of the original Alaska Highway.

The Aishihik River.

An interesting bridge to walk.

The historic Champagne mile marker.  Champagne was a trading post for many years prior to the construction of the highway.  A First Nations burial ground is neat the west side of the highway.

A building in Champagne had interesting siding!

Information about Takhini Crossing.

The historic marker for Takhini Crossing.

Another pretty scene, just west of Whitehorse.





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