Thursday, September 27, 2001

Hello from Kluane Village, Yukon Territory!

Start time: 0830

Start odometer: 14593

Weather: Sunny morning, 18 F at start of day, up to 52 F.


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My campsite was about 40 yards off of the Nabesna Road.  It was the most remote spot I had ever camped!

Standing in the road, This is the view to the southeast.

From the same viewpoint as the previous picture, this is the view looking northwest.

A bit of ice on the road.

After fording another stream.

The story of Noyes Mountain.

This is Noyes Mountain, described in the previous picture.

Another view from the same viewpoint.

I saw this utility pole south of Tok.  Notice it is missing the bottom portion!

Another view of the pole.

In Tok, I am back on the Alaska Highway!

Pretty views of the Alaskan landscape.

I stopped by the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, unfortunately closed for the season.

Part of the facilities at the Tetlin National Refuge.

My return to Canada, and the Yukon Territory.  Back into the Pacific Time Zone, this is my fifteenth time zone crossing!

This plaque was at the border.

This panel, also at the border, describes what can happen to roads built on permafrost.

Another look at the border marker, as well as other items on the Alaska side.

One final indication that I am in Canada.

The winding Alaska Highway.

This panel describes the Icefield Ranges, the youngest mountain range in Canada.

A view of the Icefield Range.




Routes traveled today: AK 1 - AK 2

Hotel: Kluane Wilderness Village Motel -

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