Sunday, September 23, 2001

Hello from Mendeltna, Alaska!


Start time: 0945

Start odometer: 13826

Weather: Mostly cloudy this morning, with quite a few breaks in the clouds, temperature 49 F.



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I stopped by here once during my visit for some very tasty ice cream!

This is the Eagle River Nature Center main building.

I took a nice trail through the area.

A beaver den in Eagle River!

A beaver dam was right next to the trail.

The views along the Glenn Highway were wonderful.

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Matanuska Glacier

Another view of the glacier, with me in the way.


The true story of ice worms.

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From the same parking area, looking towards the southwest.

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This view reminded me of some of the mountains in the Richardson Range in the Northwest Territory.

Interesting rock slides could be seen along the road.

This describes the sad story of a trooper loosing his life at this point of the Glenn Highway.



Routes traveled today: AK 1 - Old Glenn Highway - AK 1

Hotel: Kamping Resorts of America -

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